Monday Morning Mug

Good morning friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend that refreshed you for the workweek ahead. If it wasn’t restful I hope these pretty things make this a nice coffee break.


Today I’m not heading into work but will be sitting down to look for work. *Yay job hunting* But some coffee and watching Elementary is making it way more fun! Anyway, time for a little break and some beautiful things I’ve found this last week!


I have baby fever so bad. I can hardly wait to have my own child to love and care for. I read this beautiful blog post this week and it made me tear up and yearn even more for children. (But first I need a job to pay the bills while Hubby is in school- then He can get a job and I can “retire” to be a full time mom!)

There are so many great posts on this blog!

Valentines Day is next month, and is already here according to all the retail stores. I’m so blessed to be married to my best friend, but I don’t want to forget about my gals! Parks and Rec is one of my FAV SHOWS EVER, maybe I need to start a Galentines Day. Here are some of the ways Leslie tells her Bestie how much she loves her: 

I love handwritten notes. Writing them, and recieving them is wonderful. I also have a floral obssesion right now so of course I love this free printable from Craftberrybush! 

Free Printable from Craftberrybush

I am SO inspired by this picture! I’m definitely going to make those gold-leaf mason jars once we settle into a place of our own.


The same blogger who did those pretty mason jars made this gilded hanging succulent garden. I have always LOVED those blue glass insulators but never bought them because I had no idea what to do with them. Now I need to collect a few to make a hanging garden in my kitchen window!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Last Monday I promised a baby shower post… it really is coming tomorrow! Stay tuned and HAPPY MONDAY!ca71d109cd4ad4960a484e25d91f684f


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