2013- Decorating Dilemmas


We moved to Texas about a month ago and I LOVE our new apartment! Our first apartment was tiny but it did have a lot of beautiful character (like a huge brick fireplace) but our new apartment is much bigger with a full kitchen and two bedrooms.

With that said, it’s still a small space that we are renting. That creates decorating dilemmas: small space and renting.

Here are the main problems we need to solve:

  • Storage. Even with an extra closet and more cabinets its really hard to be organized and have a place for everything!
  • White. I love neutral colors. My Pinterest boards are full of white and neutrals, but apartment white is different…
  • No budget. I mean, we literally don’t have a budget, as in no money.
  • I’m a Nanny, how do I decorate in a kid friendly fun way without sacrificing my style?

This next month I’m going to attempt to write 31 posts covering ideas, tutorials and solutions to these problems as a part of The Nesting Place’s annual 31 Day event!

Come back here to this page for links to each day or check out the menu tab above!

  1. Our Apartment.
  2. Kid Friendly Decorating Ideas
  3. So. Much. White.
  4. Working with White
  5. Working with White in a COLORFUL Way
  6. It doesn’t need to be Pinterest Perfect
  7. Why Hide It? (Storage solutions)
  8. Our First Apartment
  9. Making a Space Feel Bigger
  10. Pretty Pumpkins (Fixing my Texas Pumpkin Problem)
  11. Quick Tips
  12. Save $$$- Craigslist and Thrift Store Tips!
  13. Create a Closet
  14. Live with Less in a Small Space
  15. Real Vintage Homemaking
  16. Decorating Idea Board
  17. DIY- You can do it!
  18. Where to Start? (which I perhaps should have written first)
  19. Pulling Double Duty- Maximize your small space
  20. My Laundry Room Plan
  21. Pet Dilemmas
  22. Cleaning Schedule
  23. 5+ Tips for Enjoying Homemaking
  24. Make your Home “Homey”
  25. Sneaky Storage
  26. Holiday & Seasonal Decorating In a Small Space
  27. Tips from the Pros
  28. Spouse Friendly Decorating 
  29. The Bathroom
  30. Decorating Walls Without Paint!
  31. Wrap up and My Favorites

27 thoughts on “2013- Decorating Dilemmas

  1. I’m looking forward to following along. My husband and I are renting a one bedroom apartment, and I face the organizing and decorating challenge too while we’re here.

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