Maternity Style and my new favorite fashion site!

I’m 17 weeks along and starting to be very thankful for maternity pants and comfy shirts. I’m also loving having new maternity clothes that make me feel pretty because my growing belly and various other pregnancy symptoms often make me feel very unladylike. haha! Maternity clothes are not cheap! I’m grateful for my family helping… More Maternity Style and my new favorite fashion site!

Book Review

This little book is perfect for the coffee table or next to the guest bed! Owls: Our most charming bird, by Matt Sewell,  is a sweetly illustrated book with fun descriptions of 47 different species. Split into four categories, Woodland, Tropical, Wilderness, and Desert Owls, you’ll learn fun tidbits about these creatures from witty paragraphs… More Book Review

Welcome Baby

Life just got even crazier and a whole lot sweeter. A couple weeks ago I woke Jeff up shaking and in tears with a giant grin on my face. I couldn’t speak but he got the idea from the test I held up. This afternoon we got to go in and see baby’s heart beat… More Welcome Baby