Welcome Baby

Life just got even crazier and a whole lot sweeter. A couple weeks ago I woke Jeff up shaking and in tears with a giant grin on my face. I couldn’t speak but he got the idea from the test I held up. This afternoon we got to go in and see baby’s heart beat… More Welcome Baby

Making Here Home

We moved into our current apartment back in May and normally I would have the place decorated within a few weeks. Then we bought a house a few weeks later! (we weren’t expecting to.) So I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into decorating and sometimes even tidying up because this was only a (very)… More Making Here Home

Update on the Little House

These aren’t the most recent photos and we’ve made a lot more progress than these photos show but I thought you’d all like to see! See the before pictures HERE. Those are the main changes happening in the little house. I’ll post more pictures after this weekend.