Lizzy: 2 Months Old

The last 8 weeks have been some of the most wonderful, blessed, and also hardest. I tell Lizzy everyday “You’re doing such a good job doing everything a baby should! I am so proud of you, I love you baby.” Stats: 10lbs 9oz, 22in long Wearing: 0-3 month clothes, size 1 diapers Loves: her birdie play gym,… More Lizzy: 2 Months Old

New Mom Thoughts

I read a blog post today about stay-at-home-mom guilt and how people without kids don’t get it when we honestly say how hard being home can be. Perhaps it sounds like complaining, maybe sometimes it is, but if you ask us “how do you like being at home with your baby?” You run the risk… More New Mom Thoughts

One Week New

My sweet girl made her appearance a week ago. For those who are interested, I will post our birth story soon. Right now I have one arm tied down with a sleepy baby so I’ll keep this post short. Elizabeth Anne was born on May 24 at 1:16am. She was 7lbs 40z and 20in long.… More One Week New