Monday Morning Mug

ca71d109cd4ad4960a484e25d91f684f We are back in Oregon! Beautiful, rainy, foggy, lush, green Oregon. It’s amazing-wonderful-fantastic to be close to our families again! We spent this last weekend with hubby’s family in the Columbia Gorge. Grandpa and Grandma rent a vacation house each winter and invite the family to come spend the weekend. It’s always a blast and this year we were able to throw a double baby shower for our two aunts who are due in the next few months! I’ll post pictures of the decor and fun later this week, but if you’re curious check out my DIY Children’s Book Banners for a sneak peak.

Here’s some lovely things I’ve found lately —->

I love my soft, thin hair, except when I can’t figure out how to achieve the trendy hair styles with my short locks. This girl has a great tutorial. She’s super goofy but I’d never thought to do the bun like this with my hair!

Click here for the video!

I put this awesome TV stand on the Hubby’s To-Do list today.

Free Plans HERE at

I went on a cute mug pinning streak this week. Check out all the cuteness on my new board.

I hope you all have the best week!


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