Storybook Baby Shower

I love helping plan parties for my loved ones and this baby shower provided a fun challenge!


The family decided to throw a baby shower while on our yearly family getaway (meaning 16+ people renting a big house together in a beautiful location so we can be together for a weekend.) Here were the challenges: two moms, one having a boy, the other a girl; limited packing space; and incorporating the men.

It is so exciting and fun to have two aunts pregnant at the same time! To honor them both and the different genders of their babies we went with a fun Storybook theme. We used books from around the rental house and paper decorations I made to save packing space. We also chose to only decorate the buffet area so we didn’t need to bring many decorations. To keep the men happy we planned the party around lunch time (FOOD) and had some man-friendly competitive games.

I LOVE how the food tags turned out! I simply Googled, copied, pasted, and printed story book covers to go with the different foods and glued them to toothpicks. Easy peasy.


Last week I showed you how I made those sweet Storybook Banners.

Big Brother
Big Brother

We played three main games: Guess the Flavor, Playdough Babies, and Diaper Races. We also had some fun paper puzzles to keep hands and minds from getting bored.

find it here!

Guess the Flavor: Rip labels off of baby food jars and have each guest taste and guess what the flavor is. There are some really weird looking baby foods out there!

Playdough Babies: We set various colors of Playdough out while the moms’ were opening presents. We asked everyone to make a baby out of Playdough and we’d give out a prize for the best boy and best girl baby.

Diaper Races: This one was just for the men. We blindfolded them and gave them each a diapered stuff toy a rag/wipe and a fresh diaper. Then they raced to see who could change the diaper the fastest. It was pretty funny to see since some of the techniques would have sent poop flying everywhere had it been a really diaper!

It was such a fun party! It will be even more fun to meet my new cousins!


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