Cleaning :: Day 22

I’m not the cleanest person. Clothes miss the hamper, cereal bowls pile up in the sink, and I forget to sweep the floor.

The silly thing is that it drives me crazy! So why don’t I do something about it?

Well, I’m also not a very disciplined person. If I eat one cookie, I’ll have ten. If I’m going to watch Netflix, I watch for HOURS. I’d rather sit and play on Pinterest than actually use the cleaning tips I’m pinning, and now that I no longer run with a school team my running habits last for maybe a few days and I’m back on the couch.

I told my accountability partner that I want to be more disciplined.  Eek! Now I have to work on it!

So I made a cleaning schedule to help me. I’ve made them before but never stuck to them. I love the idea of them because then the house stays clean everyday instead of me spending my whole Saturday cleaning up after the long week.

2013-10-23When you live in a small home, like I do, it is very important to keep things clean. Small spaces just start looking and feeling cluttered and crowded faster than large spaces. So my Decorating Dilemma tip for the day is to GO CLEAN SOMETHING! Spend ten minutes every night putting away clutter; it’s so nice to wake up to a tidy home.



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