Pet Dilemmas :: Day 21

I LOVE my kitten Watson. She is cuddly and playful and she is often my sanity on hard days.

IMG_5325But one thing I can’t stand is looking at the litterbox. There just isn’t a good place for it in our apartment. The bathroom is too small, there’s no longer any room in the laundry room, and I really just hate seeing and smelling it. Then I saw this idea on Pinterest…

source and Tutorial

BRILLIANT! Now I just need to find a cheep dresser or kitchen island I can re-purpose.

Where would I put it you ask? Right where our temporary pantry is now since I’m building shelves in the laundry room to act as a pantry  (I don’t like looking at at boxes and cans so I created a temporary pantry.)

Here are some other decorating pet tricks that I found:

Dresser turned pet food station


Cat bed made from an old suitcase


Use a vintage serving dish into a pretty pet bowl


Make your own toys. This one pictured was purchased (not by me) but how easy would it be to cut holes in a cereal box, throw in a couple toys, tape it shut and PLAY TIME!

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