5+ Steps to Enjoy Homemaking :: Day 23



I found this article yesterday via Pinterest and it was just the thoughts I needed to hear. House keeping and homemaking quickly turns into a chore, or succession of chores, but this happened because we lost focus of why we are doing it.

Here’s how Ask Anna intro’s her post:

I know for a lot of women, taking care of the home and getting dinner on the table, are treated as tasks that just need to be done, and have lists and lists created to keep it all corralled. 

I would like to inspire you to enjoy being a homemaker and to get a fresh idea on how to look at the tasks in your life.

Being a homemaker is a high calling; one that deserves time and thought, just like anything else. 

If you really stop and think about it, as a homemaker, we are in a place of power. When we embrace motherhood, and our homemaking, we nurture our families and ourselves. But if we treat homemaking as a chore, we are doing a disservice to our family and us. 

By changing your mindset you will change your life.

I don’t mean to sound so dramatic but it’s true. We need to give homemaking the integrity it deserves.

Read her 5 tips HERE, they are good-trust me 🙂

And here’s a few of my own to add:

  • Put on your shoes. (This is a tip from my mom, why are moms so often right?) Once my sneakers are on its harder for me to sit down on the couch and veg. Showering and getting ready for the day, putting on my sneakers help me feel good, and jump starts my productivity.
  • Put on a little music. Make it fun! I’m either dancing in the kitchen to country tunes or worshiping along side Air1 as I go about my chores.
  • Homemaking can be an act of worship. Colossians 3:23 says (NASB) “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.”  I love this translation of Colossians 3:23, but other versions substitute “work heartily” with powerful words like: “work with all your heart,” “work willingly,” “do it enthusiastically,” and “work wholeheartedly.” Whatever we do can and should be an act of worship, an act of love toward our Savior by managing what HE has given us and by serving others as if we were physically serving HIM.

Now I’m off to put these tips to use- lighting some candles, lacing up my sneakers and worshiping all the while!


2 thoughts on “5+ Steps to Enjoy Homemaking :: Day 23

  1. Love it Becca! It’s so easy to feel good about homemaking when you have just organized and cleaned your house. But I lose that loving feeling about 3 days later when it becomes a repetitive chore again. It’s nice to be reminded WHY we do this (=

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