Be Inspired #2

Welcome back! If you missed out on our exciting news check out June 7ths post!

And if you missed last week’s inspiration head over here for more crafts and fun!

Here are some spring/summer inspirations for your weekend! Some of these would be fun to do with kids too!

Make your own splatter art garden with this tutorial from My Flower Journal. This looks hard but it is crazy easy! Practice a little bit and make a few!






I LOVE this vase from Sketchy Styles. You just need a glass jar, an old belt, and some hot glue!












The space under my kitchen sink is really needing some organizing help. Adding a tension rod  would be a quick 5 minute project that would fix a lot of my problems!









My college friends will laugh when they see this! Homemade Pop Tarts from A Golden Afternoon! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pop Tarts! Making my own would be way cheaper!







This pretty Acrylic tray looks straight out of some high end store but it’s actually way easy and cheap to make! Visit Just A Girl‘s blog for the tutorial on this fun quick project! (just need a clear plastic box frame and pretty paper!) This would be a great mail catch all for Father’s Day if the kids decorated the paper liner!



If you want some more inspiration check out last week’s Be Inspired post or click the menu link above!

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