Weekly Inspiration

So I have been surfing the blog-o-sphere and criticizing my blog stats and trying to figure out something fun and new to do with this space. It really was quite obvious, though it took a me awhile to see it, that ya’ll like crafts, decorating and inspiration best and that’s what you requested most in my survey a while back.

So I’m finally answering the call with a Weekly Inspiration post! I think I’m going to call it “Be Inspired.” Hmmmm…

Anyway, it is also a great excuse to have a half hour of Pinterest/Craft Gawker/blog time on a Saturday morning before I start my chores (or crafts).




I love this free computer background from mallorypaige.









I would really like to add some plants to my apartment but I havent yet because there isn’t enough light. A succulent garden would be perfect, and even more so in these DIY pots from offbeatandinspired.








I want to make this cute book page wreath, it totally speaks to the English-major-shabby-chic-DIY-crafty me! Actually, I think I’ll make one today! See how here at endlesslyinspired.








I’ve been wanting to make these paper hydrangeas from one young love for a long time. So pretty!










I love this shabby chic bunting. Collect a bunch of fabric doilies (or go even cheaper and use paper ones!) and fabric glue them to ribbon. To make it stronger, fold the ribbon in half over the top of the doilies and sew together.







Well, that’s all for this week! I’m going to go try to be productive now that the coffee has kicked in!


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