Thanksgiving & Gratitude

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I really do like WINTER; but as I look out my window on this mid-November day and see all the snow and realize it will be here for the next 5-6 months I can get a little down.  Like I said, I do like WINTER, just not this much.  So what’s a guy to do instead of getting cabin fever?


We can start with our thoughts!

Over the past several years I have learned a lot about the science behind our thoughts.  It’s been very intriguing and fascinating for me to study it out and do the research.  I’ve learned some extraordinary things about the brain and how it functions.  For instance, for years I struggled with a porn addiction that started in my teen years – this was a major sin issue in my life (my physical and thought life).  The Bible talks a lot about the physical and metal damage that can happen to a person involved with sin (read Romans 1).  Here’s what I think is really cool, there is now science that confirms what the Bible has taught for years.   I learned that there are 3 chemicals the brain produces during the engagement of deviant behavior and each chemical is extremely addictive.  WHOA!  No wonder pornography is such a huge issue for guys today and a secret sin for many (for more info and the science behind it consider Dr Mark Laaser’s work with Faithful and True Ministries)

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Gratitude Production 101

Originally posted on Be Extraordinary!:

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Are you naturally producing joy and thankfulness?

Philippians 4:8, in the Bible, states:

Ph48Whatever is true,
whatever is honorable,
whatever is just,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is commendable,
if there is any excellence,
if there is anything worthy of praise,
Think About These Things!

Often I hear people (myself included) talk about “trying harder to be joyful or thankful.” Forcing a good attitude or smile on our faces isn’t fooling anybody, especially ourselves. The answer – the secret solution – to lasting joy is found in the final line of the above verse. “Think about these things” . . . think. It does not say to “feel” these things or to “do” these things or to “say” these things. We are supposed to think about these things.

In so many areas it is easy to put the focus on the external, the feeling…

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Week of Thanks Blog Hop!

Hey y’all!

I have something SUPER awesome in store for you this week!!! I am particiapating in a Thanksgiving blog hop!!! My first one ever!!!! Can you tell I’m excited?!!!!

What is a blog hop? (well, first of all, I’m not sure the other bloggers are calling it that, but I like it…) A blog hop is where a group of amazing bloggers each write one post and share everyone else’s. We were each assigned a day and I pulled the straw to write a post for the last day. So I’ll wrap up this week of Thanksgiving with a post about how we can be thankful all year long.

I hope you all will read and leave some love (comments) on these other blogger’s pages! They are wonderful!

I pray this next week is encouraging and challenging for both you and me!

Here are the participants:

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Danny Ray

Be Extraordinary!

Not the Fake PTP

Relentless Growth

The Musing of a Life

And Me!

The Monday Morning Mug

Good morning! Welcome to week two of The Monday Morning Mug!

I’ve had a good weekend. The best part was doing a senior photo shoot on Friday. Oh, but the early Thanksgiving potluck with our small group was pretty amazing too. It’s pretty hilarious to play catch phrase with 25 young adults who have bellies full of turkey and holiday beer. (seriously still giggling over it all.) What was the best part of your weekend?

Here are some wonderful things: (click pictures or highlighted links)

Why Thanksgiving is Radically Subversive {and Everything you need to have the Best Thanksgiving Yet}

I’m read Ann Voskamp’s book right now, and then I found this blog post of hers and just loved everything about it. First off, Thanksgiving in the woods?! LOVE. And this woman speaks truth and she has a beautiful way with words.

God Will Give You More Than You Can Handle: I Guarantee It 

You NEED to read this!

 Did you catch my Autumn Apartment Tour yesterday? 

It took me forever to take make this post. But it’s up and I hope you like it! IMG_9869-2

Look at this beautiful free printable! Click the link to download, print, and add a sweet reminder to your Thanksgiving decor.

I hope you are intentionally thankful for all the big and small things today!

Happy Monday! 

Autumn Apartment Tour!

Welcome to our little home! It’s cozy, imperfect, and, I hope, welcoming. I took lots of pictures for you, Come on in!

I use to kinda hate orange and yellow, I don’t know why, and avoided them in my fall decor. But this year I saw this bunting pattern on Pinterest, and then this pompom garland and fell in love. Thus yellow entered my fall color scheme. :)IMG_9834-2This is probably the most boring wall in the living room. It does offset the busyness of the bookpage wall though. I would like to add something more, maybe some black frames…  Did you notice I gave my DIY mounted antlers a face lift? Gold is a new fling for me and I also changed how the antlers were set, they are in a more realistic position now.

Just to the right of the TV is our coat closet and this little crate. On top of it is our Thankfulness jar where we put scraps of paper throughout the year with the many little things we are thankful for. On Thanksgiving we open the jar and read aloud all the blessings of the past year. In the black frame is a free printable you can find here.

The subway art next to the mirror show our life verses: Micah 6:8 and Psalm 37:5.


I moved the tall bookshelves from the office just for something new! I really like how it gave me a space to put up a “mantle” to decorate.



Our little table is set with a burlap runner, yarn pompom flowers, and art done by my mom. Also, there are mini pumpkins EVERYWHERE in the apartment. They are my favorite things to decorate with in the fall.

Just to the right of the table is the Cat Cabinet that also stores our mugs and some canned goods. I hand made that yarn bunting! It took forever, but it’s my new favorite thing to hang up in the Fall!

Right next to the Cat Cabinet is a little chair I pulled from the dumpster pile. Eventually it and it’s twin will need a fresh coat of paint but for now it hides the door to the litterbox and is a quick spot to put on shoes (when there aren’t pumpkins sitting there anyway). ;)

Eucharisteo means “to give thanks.” I’m going to have to write a post just about this powerful word! I’m reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and she talks about Eucharisteo changing the way she views life and how it has brought her joy.

The kitchen is a mess right now, so you only get snap shots of the cute stuff. :p The red shelf hangs next to the stove and hold all our spices and vitamins. Next to our fridge I added a little command center with our calendar, grocery list chalkboard and cleaning list (to help me remember what’s been done and when). My mom painted the sweet Bee that reminds me to be joyful everyday. The sunflower picture is a card from my Aunt Katie that she sent me back in freshman year of collage.

And here are some small details. I love this burlap pillow I made (its a small sack I just stuffed and sewed shut) and pumpkins are everywhere!

Have a lovely day! IMG_9852-2

Thanksgiving Decor Sneak Peek

Autumn is by far my favorite season and Christmas is my favorite holiday, so right around this time of year things get awkward around here.

See, I’m excited for Thanksgiving and all the food and fall decor that goes with it, but at the same time I always feel Christmas gets shorted with only a month of carols and lights and all around cheer.

Also, I’d love to start listening to Christmas music non-stop and put up the tree right now, but my hubby puts his foot down until Thanksgiving. Of course, what he can’t hear can’t hurt him ;) Falalala!

Christmas decor will start sneaking out soon, so I’m working on getting y’all a Fall Home Tour this weekend before its too late!

Here’s a sneak peak from some of my Instagram pics.

My wonderful hubby hung that little shelf for me this week. I’m so excited to have a “mantle” to decorate again!

Monday Morning Mug

MorningCoffeeWithYouSome of the bloggers I follow do a weekly round up of things they found interesting on the internet. I love reading those posts because it introduces me to new bloggers or websites I may have never found. So I hope you will like my take on this idea! Most roundups I’ve found are posted on the weekends, but I thought, why not have some nice things to read with your morning coffee to get your Monday started right?

I wish I could  have you over for coffee (and I’m super laid back so slippers and a cozy sweatshirt are fine) and chat about what we’ve been learning, share funny stories, and share life. Unfortunately this is the internet so it’s mostly one sided–me drinking my coffee and sharing things with y’all– but I’d love for this to be interactive, so please comment and share something from your week/weekend too!

Okay, do you have your coffee/tea? A cozy blanket? Nice. Let’s read together. (Click on pictures or highlighted links.)

This blog post by Gracelaced was exactly what I needed to hear this week.

How often do you read your Bible? If you’re like me, your readings are irregular, short and often you don’t take in much. This blog post hit at the heart of the issue. <3

How about a tour of our Fall decor from last year. I promise this year’s tour is coming soon! A lot has changed!

If you are needing a good book to read, a book that will teach you to live fully but not in a step by step self help kinda way, you should pick up this book.

I’ve been slowly reading A Thousand Gifts at night and I love it. My family is going through some hard stuff right now and living fully in thankfulness and joy can be really hard-I totally relate to this author’s struggle.

And something funny to send you off with. This porcupine makes the CUTEST noises, it just got me laughing. And he is eating pumpkins so it’s fall themed!

I hope you have a beautiful Monday! Go make someone smile!