Christmas Home Tour and Giveaway!!!!

Merry Christmas! IMG_0040-2

So I decided to do something a little different for this home tour- it’s all on Instagram and Twitter! All you need to do is type in #makinglifebeautifulblog and you’ll see all my posts, or you could make it even easier on yourself and just follow me on Instagram and Twitter. :) I will be posting through out the day (in fact there are already some up!).

My decorating theme this year is breathe. Okay, not literally, but most years I go all out and this year I started to stress myself out with all of my to-do lists – so I gave myself permission to breathe. I tore up a couple lists and let things be imperfect. So today you’ll probably catch glimpses of our everyday mess, some dishes in the sink, unwrapped gifts, laundry waiting to be done, this is really life people! Even though you only get some glances into our holiday home through social media today, (besides fun filters) I promise to be real- just tidied up real. :)

Also, today I’m doing my first ever blog giveaway! YAY! I made this fun garland out of wire and vintage/old Christmas lights! I wired it all together last night, just for one of you! I think it’s a fun pop of color, where would you put it if you won?IMG_0032-2

Use the Rafflecopter link below to enter. I’ll randomly draw the winner on Monday and announce them in the Monday Morning Mug!

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 Remember you can enter once a day by sharing this giveaway on social media and entering in the link to Rafflecopter.

Monday Morning Mug

I had so many glorious plans for this month, decorating, crafts, blog posts, and I even had a giveaway planned. And then life was busy, I got stressed, and I’m pretty sure that giveaway wont happen since I have A LOT of Christmas present crafting left to do. My goal is to at least have a mini Christmas home tour up before the 25th. :) But who knows! I’ve never worked full time and tried to keep a blog up and running at the same time!

Last week I was pretty grumpy and stressed. This week was way better! Plus it ended with Fun Christmas parties and free coffee over the weekend! This is my last week of work before I’m off for Christmas (yay for working at a school!) and I’m so ready to see my family in 7 days!


Two years ago I was more on top of Christmas time blogging and I did a 12 Days of Christmas series!

Here’s a fun (free printable) list of ideas to help you get out of a grumpy mood. I sure needed it a couple times this week.

Last week Pastor Jay BROUGHT THE WORD. :) He talked about racism, Ferguson, and our hope in Christ. Guys, this was so good and so challenging, take a listen!!! “Hope in the Promise to Abraham, December 12th, 2014″ 

Have you seen this site? This guy lived below two very silly girls and could hear everything they said. Then he began blogging the stuff he heard. THIS MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD!

Have a lovely Monday!ca71d109cd4ad4960a484e25d91f684f

Bread Revolution

I found the most wonderful site. It’s perfect for someone like me- and avid reader and a blogger! Blogging for Books is run by Crown Publishing of Penguin Random House Publishing. They send you a free book of your choice (selected from those available on their site) in exchange for an honest review! I signed up so fast and got my first book in the mail two days ago!

I decided to order this beautiful cook book first. I was squirming with excitement when I received the package! I was not disappointed! This hard bound book has thick pages, beautiful photography and easy to follow instructions. Plus the book just feels good in your hand. I love how Peter Reinhart delves fully into the details of bread making in the introductory chapters. He covers everything from important terms to the best tools for bread making. As a bread-baking novice this recipe book makes me feel well set up for success. I haven’t made a loaf yet as Christmas and work are crowding out the extras, but I can’t wait!

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

Monday Morning Mug

It was a long week for me, so most likely I’m still asleep as this post is being published… random Becca fact: I talk in my sleep sometimes. One of the funnier times I was mumbling a lot and hubby turns and asks me what I was saying and I replied, “Kitten…on head…. grunt… I can’t brain…” That’s kinda what this week has been, I just can’t brain. I hope your Monday is going well and that you can “brain” today. ;p

Here are some fun things for your morning, nothing too deep because like I said, I can’t brain right now. (click highlighted link or picture to see article or original source)


How about some yummy ways to spice up your hot cocoa? Or your morning coffee (just add a couple espresso shots to these recipes!)

Just finished reading this book and I was surprisingly pleased with it’s quality! The author stayed true to the characters and no, he doesn’t kill off Mr. Darcy (phew!). 

If you love Christmas decor and have a weird desire to see the inside of everyone else’s homes then you will love this Christmas home tour blog hop as much as I did! Over 30 homes to tour! This links you to the main page so you can decide which ones you want to look at! Have fun!

I will try to get my Christmas home tour up before too long, as well as my advent calendar and printable! Of course that all depends on how nuts this week is! :)



First of all, let me say that my home is with my husband. I love him so much and we are our own little family- I will follow him where ever the Lord leads him. My husband is the best, a good leader, lover, friend and supporter of my dreams too.

That said, I’m incredibly home sick.

It’s something hubby and I were talking about this week as we made our Christmas visiting plans. We both have that longing for something we wont ever fully have again- the peace and thoughtlessness of childhood. As a child you go to sleep without the conscious knowledge that you are safe, not in charge and without any real cares (or at least that’s how it should be, I know some of you had a different childhood than me.) Now we are all grown up- I have a home, job, husband and pet to take care of and plan around. I long for that feeling of not being in charge, of having no real responsibility. And while going home for Christmas will lend to a sense of that former feeling, it won’t last… I love my life, it’s so full of blessings! I’m just really really really ready for a rest!

And I miss my family- like a physical ache when I think about them- and the closer our flight home gets the worse I get. I miss my daddy’s big hugs and late night talks on the couch. I miss laughing with my mom and kissing her soft cheek. I miss my baby sisters-wrestling with Rachel and shopping dates with Cherry– My big sister-ness wants to wrap them up and chase the worrisome world away.

I also miss Oregon– the climate, the mountains, and the smell of a pine tree-foggy morning.  . I miss driving into the forest where the world shrinks to the safety of bird song, glittering shafts of light and towering pine trunks.

Only only 16 days, 10 hours and 37 more minutes until our plane touches down in Oregon!



Monday Morning Mug

Good morning friends! How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was quiet and wonderful. We cooked a big feast just for ourselves and ate it in our PJs while watching Harry Potter. It was so relaxing, but we certainly missed seeing our families. It just didn’t make sense to fly home to Oregon for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, but there are only 23 days until we are home for the holidays!

Here are some lovely things I found this week! (Click pics or highlighted links)


You might have noticed we didn’t have the MMM last week because I was a part of a week long Thanksgiving blog hop! It was so much fun and truly a blessing to be a part of. I learned so much and was challenged to let thankfulness be a part of my everyday life instead of being constrained to one holiday. My contribution wrapped up the week of thanks and I linked back to all the other posts–I hope you go back and read them all!

This next article is so good- 10 Ways a Wife Can Influence Her Husband. Being a good wife isn’t about controlling our husband, but about supporting him and being on his team. When he fully feels supported and respected it’s easier for him to hear our advice and input. Whether or not you are married this is a great read!

I came up with this brilliant idea for making a Christmas Wish List- Pinterest of course! I made a Dear Santa, I’ve Been Good board to pass on to family (so they can get ideas without the awkward-on-the-spot “want do you want for Christmas” conversation). A couple of my family members caught on and made their own-making my shopping so much easier! I even made one for my husband, because he is really hard to shop for!

This is one of my favorite comics. I see them pop up on Pinterest all the time, they are just so cute and they make me happy! This one perfectly describes my impatience for Christmas: 

I’ve got an advent calendar free printable coming for you. I’m kicking myself for not having it ready yet! But it’s coming…

Happy Monday Y’all!


Intentional Thanksgiving

Today is the day where we all remember to be thankful. As we sit around a turkey feast, grabbing a third piece of pie, and sharing what and who we are grateful for, our hearts are filled.

Remembering the good, the blessings, the love steadies the mind and reassures the heart that all will be okay — God has provided and will continue to provide.


Then we wake from our turkey induced slumber to November 28th and the weight of holiday stress crashes down on us. All thought of blessing and thanks are drowned out by Black Friday madness harmonizing with Christmas to-do lists.

So how can we remove the Christmas season stress? I think the key lies in Thanksgiving Day!

We spend Thanksgiving intentionally remembering the blessings in our lives. What if we did that throughout the holiday season? What if we let our thankfulness for what we already have guide our thoughts? What if instead of focusing on the to-do list, we focus on what has already been done?

I usually stress out during Christmas time because I’m rushing about trying to buy and do nice things for the people I love. Shouldn’t that be rewarding instead of stressful? I get so wrapped up in my to-do list I forget the reason I’m buying and making all these things — I give gifts in remembrance of THE GIFT.

When I slow down enough to be intentionally thankful for the gift of Jesus Christ everything else falls into perspective.

I want to challenge you today, even though you are the middle of celebrating, to intentionally wake up tomorrow with an attitude bent on giving thanks. Before your feet hit the floorboards, pray and give thanks for a few specific things. As you begin Christmas shopping and decking the halls, be intentional in giving thanks for the little things in your day. And this coming year, count your blessings and let them encourage you to worship the Giver of all good gifts.

To be good at anything, you need to practice. Having a thankful heart and living a grateful life doesn’t come naturally. How will you intentionally practice thanksgiving today? This season? This year?


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this week has been as much of a blessing to you as it has to me.  I’ve shared six wonderful Thanksgiving themed posts with you from six amazing bloggers  and I’m honored to be wrapping up this week of thanks! If you missed this Week of Thanks Blog Hop I hope you will take the time to go back and read these 6 posts. Thankfulness isn’t just for Thanksgiving day!

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