Planning for Fall

Okay, it seems totally strange that I would be posting about fall so early, especially since Texas doesn’t really have an autumn season. Buuut, my little head has been mulling over how I’m going to bring fall to my home despite the 100* weather. So here are some things that have inspired me lately and will be making an appearance (in some form or another) in this little apartment.

I can’t wear cable-knit sweaters in this heat but I’m loving this crochet bunting in fall colors! Definitely going to start on this project! tumblr_mg8o9b1BBP1r0ghlno1_1280

I really like these pillows! I have some burlap and iron-on transfer paper that will make this project easy!

I have one large lantern that I think would look great on the table with candles and pumpkins <3

This picture just makes me happy, and I think I have everything in it, somewhere….

These will be making another appearance, I made them last year when I couldn’t find cheap REAL white pumpkins.

I’m obsessed with blackboard paint, now why haven’t I  used it on pumpkins yet? Oh, and I think that pompom garland is adorable!

I love yarn and felt and all things cozy. This fall wreath made out of felt rosettes is super inspiring. I’m thinking a few yellow flowers would be just the right fall transformation for my blue burlap wreath…unless i find a stick one at the thrift shop…

The dinner timer is going off! I must go for now! :)

DIY Sunburst Mirror

If you remember back a little bit I asked y’all about what I should do with the empty space above my window. Some said patterned valence but most said colorful sunburst mirror.IMG_7066

Here’s what I came up with!

IMG_7984It seems small up there but it’s only because it is so high up! I made it about 13″ in diameter and here’s how!

How to Make a Twine Sunburst Mirror

I found this idea and directions in Country Living Magazine’s July/August 2014 issue. You can also find the article through their Pinterest link HERE.

I deviated from their directions only slightly and will point it out along the way.


  • scissors
  • large piece of construction paper
  • ruler/yard stick
  • pencil
  • twine/yarn
  • 32 small nails
  • hammer
  • circular mirror (found at crafts store or in the candle section at the Dollar Store)
  • and a refreshing beverage (optional) ;)




  1. measure the space where you want the sunburst mirror. Above my window was 14″ so I decided I wanted a 13″ Sunburst. (Country Living’s directions don’t use the construction paper. I did so that I wouldn’t need to stand up on a chair measuring and drawing the entire time. check out their article to decide what will work for you!)
  2. Cut your construction paper into a square (mine was 13″ by 13″) and trace the mirror in the center.IMG_7956
  3. divide the circle into 16 equal parts. Number the points where the lines meet the circle 1-16 moving clockwise.IMG_7958
  4. At point 1 measure X inches and mark it. At point 2 measure X-2″ and mark it. Continue this pattern around the circle. (My measurements were, point 1: 12″, Point 2: 10″. Adjust according to how big or small you want your sunburst to be.)
  5. Label the outer points 17-32 going clockwise. (I drew the outline of a sunburst so you can kinda see where this is going.)IMG_7959
  6. Cut along line 17, 21, 25, and 29 almost  to the center, DON’T CUT ALL THE WAY THROUGH, leave the four sections connected in the center. This will make the last step easier.
  7. Position and hang your paper on the wall using tape. Then hammer a nail in to each of the 32 points. Leave about a quarter inch of nail sticking out of the wall. (below you can see how I cut the paper into four sections.) 

    Wrap the twine around the nails, beginning with a knot at the starting nail and ending with a knot and cutting the twine at the last nail. Start at nail 25, wrap around nails 11, 29, 15, 17, 3, 21, and 7, ending at 25. Start at nail 26, wrap the twine around nails 12, 30, 16, 18, 4, 22, and 8, ending at 26. Start at nail 27, wrap the twine around nails 13, 31, 1, 19, 5, 23, and 9, ending at 27. Start at nail 28, wrap the twine around nails 14, 32, 2, 20, 6, 24, 10, ending at 28.

    Next, start at nail 25 and wrap the twine around nails 9, 26, 10, 27, and 11. Continue this pattern, alternating between the inner and outer nails in a clockwise direction, until you make it back to 25. Without cutting the string, skip nail 9 and wrap it around nails 10, 26, 11, and 27, continuing the same alternating pattern until you make it back to nail 10. Finally, moving clockwise, wrap the twine around each inner nail in a clockwise direction until the circle is complete at nail.

  9. Now tear away the construction paper! This is where those four cuts you made come in handy. IMG_7971
  10. Place picture hanging Command Strips on to the back of your mirror and hang in the center of your sunburst using the package’s instructions. I left a little bit of the tab hanging over the edge so that i could remove the mirror from the wall more easily when we move out of our apartment.IMG_7975

And you’re done!

I love how this design brings a pop of color to the top of my curtains drawing the eye upwards. Now all that is left with the curtains is to add a ruffle to the bottom.


If you are squeamish about putting 32 nail holes into your walls, you can imitate Country Living and make this Sunburst mirror on a thin board and then lean it against the wall. You could paint the board any color you wanted and then you would never have to take all your hard work apart when you move or change your decorating mind. Hmmm, maybe that’s what I should have done…

12 of my Favorite Desktop Freebies

I like every bit of my home to be pretty, even my desktop. I have my desktop wallpaper set to “slideshow” so that every 5 minutes a new pretty picture pops up. Here are some of my favorites! (links in picture captions)

From Sarah Hearts. Also for phone and iPad wallpaper.

From Shrimp Salad Circus. Multiple color choices!

From The Sweet Escape. Multiple color options!

From Sarah Hearts. For phone and iPad as well.

From Sarah Hearts. For phone and iPad wallpapers as well.

From Lovely Indeed. For phone and iPad as well.

From A Pair of Pears. also for android and iphone.

From Breanna Rose. Also for iPhone and iPad.

I hope you are having a good start to your week! Maybe a new pretty desktop will help get you smiling. :)

Beautify the Everyday

20130724-002315.jpgThis world is already so beautiful but it’s hard to see sometimes when WE get in the way.

Rushing, selfishness, stress, etc. turn our focus inward and we don’t see all the beauty around us.

Jeff and I have been going through a season of stress and worry this summer which has often made me forget to see the beauty and blessings around me. The Lordhas been taking care of us and reminding me to see all His beauty in the simple things;

Like the laughter of my nanny babies, fresh flowers on the table, blue sky, a car to drive and a place to live, waking up next to a man I can trust and walk through life with, handwritten letters waiting in my mailbox, and my kitten snoring at my feet.

This is what my living room looks like today. It's messy, lived in, and not perfect. But it's cozy, safe, it's home and that's beautiful.

This is what my living room looks like today. It’s messy, lived in, and not perfect. But it’s cozy, safe, it’s home and that’s beautiful.

I’ve also been learning that when worry distracts me that’s when it’s most important to beautify the everyday: Inviting a friend over to do nails and bake cookies; adding some mint leaves to my water glass; cleaning up the kitchen and making sure the bed is made brings just a little more peace to our hectic life; putting on a nice dress for church and then wearing it for the rest of the day (instead of instantly changing into sweats) just because my husband likes the way I look; going for leisurely bike rides at the end of the day just to enjoy the cooler Texas heat.


Another thing I’ve been learning is that it helps to turn my focus outward when I’m worried instead of retreating inward. Blessing and loving on others, even in small ways, brings a little joy and reassurance to my mind: writing letters to friends, allowing someone to cut in line, really listening when someone is talking to me, smiling at passersby.

What will YOU DO TODAY to make Life More Beautiful?

So it's been a while

Top 5 Posts

Hey ya’ll! I just launched a new Facebook page for Making Life Beautiful! I’d love for you to come hangout with me there as well! It will be a great spot to stay up to date with what’s happening around here since I FB post more often then writing a full blog post. You’ll see exclusive pictures, thoughts and ideas, so go check it out and like it!

To celebrate I’m sharing with you my Top 5 Most Visited Posts and My Top 5 Favorite Posts!

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My Top 5 Favorite Posts

  1. This personal post where I got real about my food issues : My Unhealthy Idolization of a Necessity 
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  3. Homemade Landry Soap (that I really love and use every week!)
  4. All of my Mood Boards (design idea collages) 
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About 9 years ago I girlishly wrote “Rebecca Lynn Forrest” in my journal as I giggled over my new boyfriend with friends.


About 8 years ago we went on our first real date, to sophomore homecoming all by ourselves.


About 5 years ago we entered the same college.

About 4 years ago he proposed on a hike.



3 years ago today I married him and officially became Mrs. Rebecca Lynn Forrest.

I love you Jefferson.

Creative Space

Jeff and I share the second bedroom of our apartment as an office and craft room. This is my creative corner. IMG_7942

My bulletin boards hold a continually changing collection of things that inspire me: family pictures, verses, magazine articles and pictures, cards, letters, vintage photographs, etc.

Today I made this little sign by printing out the saying (inspired by this great Etsy shop) on gift wrap. It certainly captures what I love to do!


I’m currently creating quite a few things. I’m working on multiple crochet projects, still trying to finish my living room curtains, along with editing photographs from a few recent shoots. I’m excited to share these projects with you, I just have to finish them first!