Beautify the Everyday

20130724-002315.jpgThis world is already so beautiful but it’s hard to see sometimes when WE get in the way.

Rushing, selfishness, stress, etc. turn our focus inward and we don’t see all the beauty around us.

Jeff and I have been going through a season of stress and worry this summer which has often made me forget to see the beauty and blessings around me. The Lordhas been taking care of us and reminding me to see all His beauty in the simple things;

Like the laughter of my nanny babies, fresh flowers on the table, blue sky, a car to drive and a place to live, waking up next to a man I can trust and walk through life with, handwritten letters waiting in my mailbox, and my kitten snoring at my feet.

This is what my living room looks like today. It's messy, lived in, and not perfect. But it's cozy, safe, it's home and that's beautiful.

This is what my living room looks like today. It’s messy, lived in, and not perfect. But it’s cozy, safe, it’s home and that’s beautiful.

I’ve also been learning that when worry distracts me that’s when it’s most important to beautify the everyday: Inviting a friend over to do nails and bake cookies; adding some mint leaves to my water glass; cleaning up the kitchen and making sure the bed is made brings just a little more peace to our hectic life; putting on a nice dress for church and then wearing it for the rest of the day (instead of instantly changing into sweats) just because my husband likes the way I look; going for leisurely bike rides at the end of the day just to enjoy the cooler Texas heat.


Another thing I’ve been learning is that it helps to turn my focus outward when I’m worried instead of retreating inward. Blessing and loving on others, even in small ways, brings a little joy and reassurance to my mind: writing letters to friends, allowing someone to cut in line, really listening when someone is talking to me, smiling at passersby.

What will YOU DO TODAY to make Life More Beautiful?

So it's been a while

Top 5 Posts

Hey ya’ll! I just launched a new Facebook page for Making Life Beautiful! I’d love for you to come hangout with me there as well! It will be a great spot to stay up to date with what’s happening around here since I FB post more often then writing a full blog post. You’ll see exclusive pictures, thoughts and ideas, so go check it out and like it!

To celebrate I’m sharing with you my Top 5 Most Visited Posts and My Top 5 Favorite Posts!

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My Top 5 Favorite Posts

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About 9 years ago I girlishly wrote “Rebecca Lynn Forrest” in my journal as I giggled over my new boyfriend with friends.


About 8 years ago we went on our first real date, to sophomore homecoming all by ourselves.


About 5 years ago we entered the same college.

About 4 years ago he proposed on a hike.



3 years ago today I married him and officially became Mrs. Rebecca Lynn Forrest.

I love you Jefferson.

Creative Space

Jeff and I share the second bedroom of our apartment as an office and craft room. This is my creative corner. IMG_7942

My bulletin boards hold a continually changing collection of things that inspire me: family pictures, verses, magazine articles and pictures, cards, letters, vintage photographs, etc.

Today I made this little sign by printing out the saying (inspired by this great Etsy shop) on gift wrap. It certainly captures what I love to do!


I’m currently creating quite a few things. I’m working on multiple crochet projects, still trying to finish my living room curtains, along with editing photographs from a few recent shoots. I’m excited to share these projects with you, I just have to finish them first!

some late night thoughts on being “all grown up.”

When are we finally all grown up?

When we survive puberty and all its hairy stinky awkwardness?

When we can drive?

When we graduate high school?

When we can vote?

When we can drink?

When we graduate college?

When we get a steady job?

When we get married?

When we have kids?

When our kids move out?

When we retire?

When are we really all grown up?

Growing up is a process starting in the womb and ending at the grave. There is always something new to learn, another thing to improve in ourselves, another life milestone to pass by. So what’s the point?

Are you focused solely on milestones or are you focused on life? Are you making your life count for eternity or just waiting to be “all grown up” first?

Christ wants to use you and me now! Don’t fool yourself into thinking you need to be able to drive, have a job, be married or have more time before He can use you. God likes to use the weak, the unlikely, the underdog to do great things because it shines His glory that much more.

Curtains- Help me decide!

This is my new living room set up complete with new curtains (the pretty blue curtains have moved to the office).

I wanted to hang the curtains as high and wide as possible to make the window feel bigger. Drop cloths and IKEA curtain rod and accesories were the cheapest option I could find. I bought two 6’x9′ drop clothes for a total of $16 at Big Lots and bought the curtain rod and rings at IKEA for about $12. IMG_7066

Unfortunately the drop cloths smelled funny, so I washed them and they shrunk BIG TIME. They should pool about a foot of fabric on the ground and now one is shorter than the other. This is what my artist mother calls a “happy accident” because it encourages creativity. So now I am going to add 3 large white ruffles at the bottom of each curtain, this picture will give you an idea of what I’m thinking:

But I have another problem I haven’t decided how to fix yet: the white space above the window  is driving me crazy!


Idea #1, add a sunburst mirror sort of like this picture but with a mirror:

Idea #2, make some sort of cornice. Here are the two fabric options I have right now, tan ticking or gray chevron:

So what do you think I should do? Please chime in!

Living Room Progress

Jeff and I have lived here for nearly a year and just signed another lease. To celebrate I completely rearranged  the living room.

BEFORE PIC (a few months after we moved in. It stayed basically like this the whole year, then…)IMG_5357




I could have cleaned things up more, but I like small glimpses into the lives of the bloggers I follow so here’s some of my mess: Coffee Table Tray helps corral the everyday clutter and the Chicken Wire Key Hooks by the door act as our drop zone with a vintage dynamite crate below for shoes.

Many of my projects aren’t finished yet but things are really starting to feel more like I wanted.

Things to do:

  • find a rug (i really want a cowhide rug…someday)
  • finish curtains: a whole blog post (or two) of it’s own and COMING SOON!
  • upholster coffee table
  • gray slipcover for couch (IKEA)
  • white(?) slipcover for wingback chair
  • finish bookpage wall (started back in October…embarrassing)
  • paint or fabric to spruce up TV bookshelves

In other news, I also switched things around in the kitchen. I am loving the new curtains I hung between the living and dinning rooms-it really helps to define the spaces.IMG_7057