When God Made You

It’s been a while since I did a book review for BloggingforBooks but I found a book I love and wanted to share with you all. I am always a little wary of children’s books, especially ones that claim to speak on God. So I read this picture book with care and fell in love with … More When God Made You

Book Review

I’m in a season of life (a season of the rest of my life) where most of my thoughts and actions revolve around my baby. There are so many questions I have as a new mom and it’s hard to disifer what in my Google search is based on fact vs. feeling and opinion. I’m … More Book Review

Book Review

This little book is perfect for the coffee table or next to the guest bed! Owls: Our most charming bird, by Matt Sewell,  is a sweetly illustrated book with fun descriptions of 47 different species. Split into four categories, Woodland, Tropical, Wilderness, and Desert Owls, you’ll learn fun tidbits about these creatures from witty paragraphs … More Book Review

Furry Logic

My newest book from bloggingforbooks.org is Furry Logic: A Guide to Life’s Little Challenges (10th edition) by Jane Seabrook. I choose this little book because it looked fun and happy – I wasn’t wrong. The images are so sweet and, combined with the sayings, so funny! This small hardback book contains 44 witty sayings paired with water color … More Furry Logic