Making Here Beautiful When You Want to Go Home

2014_+5_19_22_49The other night I was chatting with my mom about life. Life has been difficult for her the last few years and it has been beautiful to watch her lean into the Lord and grow through it.

That night, she snuggled under a blanket sketching on the couch and me playing with baby on the floor, she said something that stuck with me. Now things don’t just stick in my head, there’s little recall due to lack of sleep, unless it’s really important (okay, maybe not even then). But the point is this is important!

It’s hard to remember her exact words, but she described camping. How when you go to set up your camp you make it as comfortable and useful as possible. But no matter how lovely and efficient it is eventually you miss being home. She said it’s the same with life here on earth- no matter how comfortable we are, eventually we miss Home-we were made for heaven (aka the presence of God).

Now, when I go camping I make things nice. I spend DAYS planning every little thing we might need. That includes the fun and pretty things too. I love setting up our cooking and wash areas just so, laying a mat in front of the tent so there’s a clean place to stand while putting on boots, and I usually bring a pretty table cloth and a vase to put wildflowers in for the table. Oh, and I love the outdoors. So it takes me a LONG time to want to go home. But no matter how comfy I make our tent, or how often I bath in the lake, my bed at home after a hot shower is the best thing ever.

Life is like that. No matter how much money we have, how cozy our life is, or how peaceful, we all eventually long for more- we long for God.

But here’s my point, and there’s many directions I could take this, making the here and now beautiful is good. We we gifted with abilities and passions to use in this world. God made stars and rainbows and tiny fuzzy caterpillars for us to enjoy and delight in. Just because this isn’t our forever home doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put the effort into it! Put a vase on the table, enjoy a chocolate chip cookie, laugh with friends over that cat video. Explore your passions, work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Praise God for the here, the now, the beauty of it all.

I love how God is teaching my mom this in the middle of this ugly season. It’s life bringing to realize that even in this broken ugly world, even though we were meant for more and better, God gifted us with beauty, with life, with now- so enjoy it and thank Him for it!

{This post is directed to Jesus followers. If you have no idea what that means, or maybe think you do, and have questions about this topic or Jesus, please contact me!}




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