Resolution: Thankfulness & Grace

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2016 was full. We lived it fully. There was hard, sad, beautiful, amazing, completely blessed days and moments throughout. Some of the biggest changes to our lives happened this last year too. And looking forward into 2017 more giant potential looms. I’m starting to see that life as an adult doesn’t slow down but is constantly changing and working and growing.

In the crazy busy changing days I find that enjoyment starts with me. I have to set up my perspective in a positive light otherwise the crazy doesn’t allow me much time to reflect and spins me to the negative.

I’ve also found that my frame of mind directly effect the atmosphere and mood of my family. Jeff is the head and leader of our home, but I’m the heart and blood. It’s so important for me to be calm, loving, patient, gentle, kind, serving, and gracious to my little family. Not fake though- bad days happen! but real doesn’t have to be grouchy, impatient, and angry.

Practicing thankfulness helps me slow down, notice the moments, the small things, the life glimmers that are then gone but need noticing and remembering.

A while back I did a live video on Facebook talking about how God was working on me and on my mom-life perspective. (Watch it here. post from Nov. 29th) I learned that thankfulness is key to digging out of the pit of anger and bitterness I had dug. I’d also add that grace is a part of that. Giving thanks to God , recognizing His blessings and grace in our lives, and also giving our selves grace for the moment.

Last year I didn’t make myself the normal list of goals like I usually do. No list of books, or commitments to going to the gym. This year is similar. I want my New Years resolution to be more than about my waist line. I want to go deeper, I want to grow, I want to be joyful and grounded in the Lord.

This year I’m going to practice thankfulness and pouring grace on myself. 

I’m still working my way through Ann Voscamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. I find her journey of seeking a life of joy through grace and thankfulness (Euchristo) pulls at my soul. I want that too- to live a life deeper, radiating joy, yet real and honest and beautiful. It begins with giving thanks.

Thank you Father… there’s so much to be grateful for. Help me to practice thankfulness daily. Draw me deeper into relationship with you as I seek out your blessings. I want more of you. Help me to give myself grace when I mess up, when I get tired and frustrated, when I leave chores undone. Help me to see and live out that being a good wife/mother/daughter/friend is about relationship and not the clean sink. Thank you for blessing this last year. There was a lot of hard stuff and so much good- I’m learning that hard doesn’t always mean bad. Oh Lord, grow me in grace and thankfulness this new year! In Jesus’ precious name, Amen





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