New Mom Thoughts

I read a blog post today about stay-at-home-mom guilt and how people without kids don’t get it when we honestly say how hard being home can be. Perhaps it sounds like complaining, maybe sometimes it is, but if you ask us “how do you like being at home with your baby?” You run the risk of getting a real answer.

For me, and I can pretty safely say for all other SAHMs, we LOVE our babies and in the grand scheme of things being home with them is right where we want to be. Being there for each smile, teaching them new things, singing songs, and soaking up the snuggles. But we might be going insane on any given day. Endless crying, endless diapers, endless messes, and all the pressure (from ourselves mostly) to make everything perfect. Raising small humans is not easy. Being human is not easy! 

I can’t describe how amazing it is to be home with my new baby girl and how blessed I feel to be with her. But I have my hard days where everything feels like it’s falling apart…and then I do too. 

So there’s a semi long answer to your sweet small-talk question, and if you can’t relate, please give us moms some grace.


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