One Week New

My sweet girl made her appearance a week ago. For those who are interested, I will post our birth story soon. Right now I have one arm tied down with a sleepy baby so I’ll keep this post short.


Elizabeth Anne was born on May 24 at 1:16am. She was 7lbs 40z and 20in long.

We are insanely in love and enjoying figuring out this parenthood thing. She is a pretty easy baby so far. She really only cries when she is hungry or needing help falling asleep. Nights so far aren’t too hard but we are definitely tired most days.

Despite the craziness in their own lives our families have been here nearly every day to help us and to get baby snuggles. The new grandmom’s have been especially helpful to me- cleaning and taking care of Lizzy so I can rest and shower. The grandpa’s and uncle Ben have been showing love by helping us with yard and house projects.

God has richly blessed us.

Just home from the hospital. We didn’t plan the purple I promise! πŸ™‚

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