The Nursery so Far


We are so excited to welcome our first child into the world! I’ve pretty much finished the nursery- at least most of what can be done now, but I’ll explain what else I want to do a little later on.

I love this room because it is the sunniest room in the house for most of the day. It will be so fun to play and hang out in here with lil Lizzy. I did go buy room darkening curtains to aid nap time though. IMG_3522

We’ve set the crib up to be her changing station for now. Jeff finishes finals next week and we will be building a little office room in the corner of the garage for the computer then. I also need to sand and refinish the changing table dresser his parents handed down to us. It’s so special to be able to use both Jeff’s old crib and changing table! IMG_3525

I LOVE LOVE LOVE our crib mobile! Buying them new is so expensive and not nearly as cute! Plus the store bought ones do so much more than I need (spin and sing and entertain.) and it’s hard to find one that matches just right. My mom sewed up these wool felt woodland animals, handmade the wool balls, cut down the perfect branch and assembled it all using scrap from the property. It’s so wonderful and sentimental now!


Under the window is Lizzy’s basket of “Forrest Friends” and some pillows for mommy to lean on while we play on the floor. Don’t worry- I’m very aware and cautious of the wall heater, it’s shut off for the summer. IMG_3521

One of my favorite projects was up-cycling the bookshelves for this room. We bought these cheap Target shelves a few years ago and they’ve moved halfway across the country with us and lived in three different homes. They were pretty beat up but I didn’t want to dish out another $80 for new ones. So we went and bought cheap fence boards, cut them to length, applied one coat of stain (left over from our wood floors) and nailed them on. It’s created  very rustic and sturdy shelves! IMG_3517

The left bookshelf holds the majority of our books and the right one is an open closet and storage for Lizzy. At some point I’ll move our books out- I have a couple really cool ideas for other places in the house but I can only do so many projects!

Next to the crib we set up the glider and breast feeding station- meaning the burp clothes are handy and so is my breastfeeding pillow (behind the chair). The owl figure on the side table is a nightlight and sound soother that I adore!

Now on to the unfinished part…


The changing dresser will replace the computer desk and I’ll be adding the gallery wall then. I have more “girly” things to add to her room, but until the art is added to the wall it doesn’t feel right in here to add much of the coral pink I have planed.

The wall looks really small in the photo. It is but really the computer desk is a small kitchen table and takes up WAY more room than the changing dresser will.

I can’t wait to share pictures of the finished nursery with you and show off our baby girl! I’m 39 weeks along now so it could be any day (of course she could be stubborn and hang out a week late, so we’ll see).


Curtains- Walmart. $10 two panels, =$30

Rug- Target. 4.5’x5.6′, on sale for $45 plus registry discount, =$38

Laundry basket- Already owned, sewed liner from scrap fabric and ribbon, =Free!

Pillows- Sewed new cases, gifted lantern pillow, =Free!

Glider- Craigslist, $75

Pretty much everything was gifted to us or we used gift cards. If you want to know where I got something just ask! 



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