I’m Beginning to Understand

Mother’s Day. One day a year to remind us that there has been someone selflessly in the background loving, caring, and praying for us.


I’ve pretty much always been aware and grateful for what my mom does for me. Of course, I’m beginning to realize that I didn’t know the half of it.

I saw the hugs and kisses, school lunches packed, cheering at every sporting event and concert. I witnessed her feed MY pets, clean our home, and plan events. I even saw her cry and pray for her children.

What I couldn’t see was the depth of her love. I’m just beginning to understand.

Knowing that I’d do anything for my child. Feeling the soul wrenching heart cry as I pray for my child. Seeing my life change completely and not wanting anything more than caring for my child.

I’m beginning to  understand the joy and the pain that such deep, unconditional love brings.

Thank you Mommy ❤

Wedding Pictures!


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