Things I didn’t expect from Pregnancy

  • What it feels like to be tired. Like, tired for seemingly no reason. I’m nine months pregnant and I still can’t seem to convince myself that I’m tired “just” because I’m pregnant. 9570a270de48fddf27f0dd854f9df775
  • What it feels like to be excited and terrified at the same time. 
  • Learning to fall asleep in less than 10 minutes. I’ve always needed A LOT of sleep, like 9-10 hours to feel normal, and I take FOR-EV-ER to fall asleep. but NO MORE! thanks to having to get up ever hour or two to pee I’m getting really good at falling asleep and functioning on WAY less sleep.6e3ca60c9ac76ab491b6ebda8c9024d0
  • Waddling is real.swag
  • Crying. I cry a lot already. But seriouly, crying for absolutely no reason? Even I can’t figure it out? Come on! I also didn’t expect how amazingly Jeff would handle these mood swings. I knew he was good at loving and calming me down, but I didn’t expect such a level of awesomeness. 🙂


  • Pregnancy brain is REAL y’all. xotsg1zj9tcq
  • How my pregnancy pillow has become my best friend 355bd40ca896fdebc7c4af9ddf38622b
  • How I can love this little human being so incredibly much and I haven’t even seen her yet. ❤
  • How much more I’ve fallen in love with Jeff while being pregnant.IMG_0174 copy

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