Nesting craft and update

Baby Lizzy will spend the first couple months sleeping with us in our room cosleeping and mostly lying in this cradle on my side of the bed. This is the first “baby space” that is completely finished now!  We were gifted this gorgeous handcrafted cradle from a family friend. It fits perfectly beside the bed and is waiting for its little sleeper. 

I crochet balls in different sizes and colors to match the pillow case (which is acting as the cradle sheet because it is not a standard size). This is the tutorial I used for the balls. Then I hung them from an embroidery hoop I already had. I didn’t want to damage the cradle with holes so I re-shaped a wire coat hanger to clip on to the side to hang the mobile from.  

It sways so nicely with the slightest touch or rock of the cradle.  

The nursery is still a mess but is slowly getting organized an decorated. Lizzy is due just after Jeff’s finals and her room is currently his office/study space. I don’t want to disturb his study routines so her nursery probably won’t be finished (to my crazy standards) until after she is here. So it works out well that she’ll be sleeping with us for a while.  

My 36 week picture, taken a week ago. Over all I’m feeling well and baby is happy and healthy and feels huge! She’s about 5.5-6pounds now. This is my last week at work. I’m going to miss this nanny family so much but I am grateful that they live nearby so I can still visit for play dates unlike my Texas families. 

Prayer requests:

Peace- in waiting these final weeks, for labor, parenting 

That she doesn’t come too early so Jeff can focus on finals.

Quick healthy delivery.

Thanks for loving and praying for our little family!


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