Small Kitchen, Big Chalkboard

I love chalkboards. As a kid I liked setting one up and playing teacher with my three year old sister. Nowadays I love the creative and decorative potential in a big black surface and a piece of white chalk.

In our last home, a small apartment with similar square footage to our Little House, we had a big closet pantry off of the kitchen that I converted into a huge chalkboard (in a renter friendly way.)

Click here to see how I made this removable, renter friendly chalkboard.

Our kitchen in this current house has no wall space for a large chalkboard, or even a smallish board. What’s a girl to do?

Then that big white door that needs a coat of paint anyway caught my attention!


First step: take all hardware off the door and tape off the floor and molding. Then rough up the door a bit with sandpaper. (the correct way to do this would be to paint the door with primer next… but I’m impatient and this project was a impulse nesting project.)


Follow the instructions on the blackboard paint can. The brand I used only calle dfor two coats with an hour dry time between coats. Then I had to be patient and let it set for 24 hours.


Prep the blackboard by rubbing chalk all over and then gently wiping off. Then Decorate!


I am very happy with how it turned out! 


I’m excited for our baby girl to get big enough to play with chalk and draw on this door while I make dinner and do dishes. ❤


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