How to Have a Productive (Satur)Day

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I love having a lazy Saturday. But I also like having a clean house and an empty to-do list. Some Saturdays just have to be about productivity and not that extra hour of sleep and lounging in my PJs all day (though I love those days and take them more often than I probably should…)

Here’s how I’ve learned to make my Saturday productive!

  • Get up and make the bed. I’m the worst about making my bed. During the week I’m the first one up and out the door so I guess I could blame hubby for the tousled mess. But weekends are a different story. If I really want to get things done I have to make the bed so I don’t get back into it.
  • Eat a protein packed breakfast and make coffee. I really like having a couple eggs, a slice of toast, and a fruit/protein smoothie to start my day.
  • Read the Bible. My best days happen when I connect with the Lord in the Morning. In the rush of getting ready for work on week days I usually read and pray while eating breakfast. But Saturdays find me on the couch with my Bible, coffee, and journal for a half hour or more.
  • Tackle your to-dos in the morning.  Then you’ll have plenty of time and, if you finish early, time for relaxation and fun in a spiffy clean house!
  • Tie on some shoes and play some music!  My mom taught me this trick. Its easier to tackle your to-do list and not sit back down when you have tennis shoes laced up and upbeat music egging you on!
  • Make a List.  I made my Saturday to-do list while making breakfast (so I wouldn’t think about it while spending time with God). I include how long it should take me to do each task and I schedule in lunch because I’m one off those weird people who once you get cleaning will occasionally forget to eat! Now, I don’t hold myself to a strict time schedule because I find other projects that need doing while cleaning and I’m pregnant- everything takes longer and more energy!


What do you do to make your Saturday productive? Share in the comments!


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