Spring Home Tour


Welcome to our Little House! It’s about 900 sq ft, unfinished and imperfect. And we LOVE it!

Let’s go room by room so we can talk about what has been down, still needs to be done, and what I want to add.

The whole house was rewired, all new plumbing, lighting, insulation, new windows, and wall heaters.


This is the living room, the first space you see when you walk in the front door. This room received the least amount of renovation. We ripped out pee stained carpet to reveal the original 1940s oak floor. Refinishing the hardwood, fresh plaster, and paint completed the shell of this room.

Curtains are next on the decorative to-do list for the whole house. Right now we are using drop clothes hung with thumb tacks and tied up with ribbon. I’ll be looking for back rods and white curtains. I also would like to get a more neutral rug and move this blue one to our bedroom. IMG_3179

The other  side of the living room acts as our entryway and (too small) library- we need more shelves for all the books we own. the coat closet stays open all the time because the litter box is hidden inside. In the hallway you can see my card wreath and the door to the bathroom.

I would like to get a bench instead of the blue chair and make a boot tray. I want to move the books to another room and get a shelving unit that would provide more storage for toys, linens, etc.


We did SO MUCH in the kitchen! This space use to be two rooms. We knocked down the wall between the dining room and minuscule kitchen and flip flopped everything. (The kitchen is where the dining room use to be.) Doing this allowed us to add all the modern appliances. We also removed the wall hiding the back of the fireplace which gave this room about six more inches in width and a whole lot more character!

We still need to finish the counter top on the coffee bar, fix the holes in the brick, and install back splash tiles and drawer pulls.


In here I want to switch the table for a skinny farm house table, find an antique corner hutch to replace the white book shelf, and build wood shelves to fit the steps on the fireplace. I would like to buy a small, wheeled kitchen cart to place at the end of the counter for more storage and to be able to pull it over for baking. IMG_3198

Our bathroom also received a major over haul. We had to take this room all the way down to the floor joists to deal with dry rot. We completely rearranged the layout in here as well after bumping out the left hand wall 2 feet into the front room. Obviously we still need to put up molding around the window, patch that hole, hang the mirror, and hang towel hooks.

I would like to build floating shelves above the toilet for storage and find something cuter for the end of the counter. Those boards behind the door will be six towel hooks.


This mess is the front room and currently our office. It will be the baby’s room in a few months and we will either find a spot for the computer somewhere else or build a mini room in the garage. This room is two feet smaller due to the bathroom renovation and has the smaller closet. I will share more photos of this room as I start putting together the nursery.


This is the only picture I’m going to share today of our bedroom. This is the least decorated room in the house. What is it about saving the master room for last in the decorating plan?

This room still needs closet doors and I want to move the blue rug in here, build a head board, and find side tables.

Thanks for visiting! If you want to see before pictures check out this post!


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