Maternity Photos and Life Update

IMG_0059 copy

We are officially in the third trimester and I’m really starting to feel…pregnant.

The first six months were easy.  I was blessed to only be more tired than usual with occasional headaches and other minor things related to growing a human. I mean, when women ask how I’m doing I almost feel like I need to exaggerate my symptoms to make them feel better about their own pregnancies- misery loves company- but I’ve been feeling good!

Though now that Little E is getting bigger I am getting pretty uncomfortable and starting to feel…huge.IMG_0026

Jeff does a great job taking care of me: soothing my irrational and rational tears, running to get chocolate or Lays to satisfy cravings, and telling me I’m loved and beautiful. We both have our freak out moments but we are excited to meet and love this little girl. IMG_0261 copy

We went to the Intentional Parenting conference hosted at our church last weekend and really enjoyed it. We learned a lot, were encouraged, and left feeling more prepared for parenthood. Like I advise newly engaged  to go to premarital counseling (or premarital discipleship as I like to call it) so to now I’ll advise parents, new and in the trenches alike, to go to this conference! They don’t have a list of magic tricks or anything like that, but their own life experience and their study of the scriptures is encouraging and helpful!IMG_0044 copy

Our friend and talented photographer Betsey from Framed Living Photography took all these photos for us! We’ve booked her for the delivery (should Little E not do anything crazy) and newborn photos- so we all have more gorgeous photos to look forward to! IMG_0174 copy

Life overall is good. We are working hard and trusting in the Lord to take care of us. We are enjoying our time alone together as much as we can since that will change dramatically in three months. I’ve been enjoying working in my garden pulling weeds and planting flowers on sunny days. Jeff has been taking opportunities to see friends and go to their concerts in between school and his externship. We’ve been re-watching some of our favorite movies like Ip Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the show Parks and Rec. We are looking forward to some family weekends, baby showers, and hopefully visiting the beach before Little E comes. IMG_0223 copy

I’ve had some pretty fun pregnancy brain moments lately- not that I can remember most of them- like how I was convinced an appointment was at 7 this week but the email, reminder call and even on my phone said 6…  My biggest craving this week has been sorbet and salty chips. IMG_0268 copy

There is still lots to do to get ready for Little E’s arrival, too much to list but here’s some of what is on my mind.

  • Pick a pediatrician
  • put together the nursery (after the baby showers)
  • find a summer job (Jeff)
  • birthing classes
  • clean the house (there are nooks that never were cleaned when we finished the renovation and moved in)
  • detail car
  • donate excess stuffffffff (there are still boxes of stuff out in the garage to unpack from November. also, I can find the lids to my pots…)

And what do I do during and after maternity leave? I’d like to get back in to this blog and grow it and show what we’ve been up to on this ongoing home renovation. I’m thinking about starting an Etsy shop for the crochet animal dolls I like to make. Perhaps teach a creative photography class. I’ll need to find a part time job come August, or maybe nanny from my own home. IMG_0115 copy

Life is crazy. God is good!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!


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