Maternity Style and my new favorite fashion site!

I’m 17 weeks along and starting to be very thankful for maternity pants and comfy shirts. I’m also loving having new maternity clothes that make me feel pretty because my growing belly and various other pregnancy symptoms often make me feel very unladylike. haha!

Maternity clothes are not cheap! I’m grateful for my family helping me buy some comfy pants and cute tops! But when I wanted to get some more cute outfits I turned to my new favorite website, Thred Up.

It’s basically a thrift shop online. They thoroughly check each piece for flaws and sell some of the best brands at amazing prices! They have clothes for men and women, maternity, children, and babies!

I ordered the flowered top and this blue dress in my first order, both from their maternity section.

The flowered shirt from Blush Pink was originally sold for $24 dollars, but from Thred Up it was priced at 12.49 in new condition! The teal dress is a Liz Lang for Target maternity dress was originally $48 and priced $16.49 on this website!

I saved even more though! When you sign up they send you a 40% off your first order coupon! (Also, they have free shipping until the 24th this month!) Then I used a store credit and got both items for less than $10!

Even the packaging was cute! I was so excited to get these in the mail!

If you would like to check out Thred Up please use my link! If you decide to buy anything I get credit for referring you! USE THIS LINK!

{This post is entirely my own excitement and opinions and was Not sponsored by Thred Up}

Here are some outfit inspirations I put together for my new clothes using Polyvore! It helps me use my individual pieces more when I can see different whole outfits.

Happy shopping 🙂


2 thoughts on “Maternity Style and my new favorite fashion site!

  1. So cute!! Been wondering about Thread Up so you have now heightened my interest! I find myself drawn to maternity clothes on the clearance rack… sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s maternity and what’s not! But I’ve never been pregnant! They just have such cute things now. Keep up the style posts. You look great! ♥

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