A Little House Update

I’m excited to put together a full before and after post for you all but we just aren’t there yet. I’m so thankful that we finally get to live in this little home but it is far from finished. Once all the boxes are unpacked, the doors hung and moldings, knobs, touch up paint, blinds,etc are in place it will feel like a real after.

I did want to share a couple photos with you though since I broke out some of my Thanksgiving decor. When we moved in Jeff and I agreed that we needed one room that was “quiet” – no boxes, no projects, just comfy and livable and welcoming. So I used thumb tacks to pin up curtains and threw out our rug and other things to make our living room feel homey.

(There’s too much of the same pattern in here for my taste but I’m planning on drop cloth curtains and eventually a cowhide rug so you can see that gorgeous wood floor better.)

Here’s a cell phone shot of the living room from the day we came to tour the house: 2015_06_07_15_33_31

And what it looks like today, so the pre-after :

In this room we removed the old carpet, re stained and fixed the oak floors, added insulation to the walls and all new wiring along with a wall heater. Everything got a new coat of paint. Still To-Do in this room: fix fireplace flu, re finish front door, new rug and curtains, move computer desk to office (once the moving boxes are out of the office), install roller blinds to windows.
I was very excited to finally find a good deal on the house plant I’d been wanting: a ficus/fiddle leaf fig.


A house just isn’t a home until I can unpack and see some of my books ❤

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of your weekend!


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