It’s Not Just for Kids

I’ve always loved coloring. Even now I love getting new colored pencils in my stocking. In college I would print out black and white pictures to color after dinner or along side the kids I babysat.

It seems the world has caught on and adult coloring books are a thing now and I love it!

I requested The Time Garden from Blogging for Books as soon as I saw it pop up on their site. This is not just any coloring book with random pictures, or even with a simple theme of flowers or animals. The Time Garden tells an intriguing and imaginative story through gorgeous pictures that YOU color.

The cover is pretty and inviting and worthy of being set out for all to see. I leave my copy out on the coffee table with a mason jar full of pencils where I or a guest can work on a page.

If you like adult coloring books already or you’ve never tried one and have a hankering for both art and story like I do, you will love The Time Garden.

{I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.}


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