5 things that are Always in my fridge

Hello dear friends! Life is a beautiful whirlwind as usual which has kept me from posting. 

We moved into The Little House last weekend and it feels so good to be home! There are LOTS of little things to finish but we are happy to be living here. I will post some updated pictures of the house once we have Internet up and running!

Baby and I are still happy and healthy. My 12 week appointment was yesterday and I got to hear Baby’s strong beautiful heart beat ❤️

I get the “any cravings” question a lot. I really haven’t had any super strong cravings but it got me thinking about what I do like to eat. So here’s a silly little list of …

Things that are Always in my fridge:

  1. Pickles
  2. Mott’s original applesauce 
  3. Brussels sprouts 
  4. Otter pops
  5. Gouda cheese slices

What things are always in your fridge? 

A little peak at our tiny kitchen.

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