DIY Updated Apartment Chandelier

Living in an apartment usually means living with outdated and sometimes ugly appliances and fixtures, boring paint, and plain white walls. I use book pages a lot to fix apartment decor problems. I wrote about white walls here, here’s more book pages, and today I’m showing how I beautified this sad chandelier…IMG_1351


The first thing I did was go through my craft stuff for anything I could use because I didn’t want to spend any money on a project I’m going to tear down next month when we move. I found fishing line, copper wire, tape and book pages.

I was really careful about keeping the paper away from the light bulbs, but even so I won’t being using this light too much- we don’t use it very often anyway but now it is not an eye sore.

I started by removing the globes and adding three tiers of copper wire with tape.

Then I taped layers of ripped book pages to the wire. I like the ripped edges and the imperfection of it. I finished with some crystals left over from our wedding decor.

This project only took me about an hour and twenty minutes and was completely free! When we move it will be quick to rip apart and replace the glass globes. Totally worth it to make my apartment more homey, even for only a month or two.

I’m loving my new decorating motto- I’ll tidy up, but I won’t kill my self over it. I’ll decorate, but I won’t fuss over it. I talked about Making Here a Home in my last post inspired by The Nester’s book- The Nesting Place: it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.


I hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend!


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