Making Here Home

We moved into our current apartment back in May and normally I would have the place decorated within a few weeks. Then we bought a house a few weeks later! (we weren’t expecting to.) So I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into decorating and sometimes even tidying up because this was only a (very) temporary home.


I found that I was feeling discontent. I really enjoy decorating but I also realized that I shouldn’t put off making where we live feel like home. I also gave myself permission to not make everything perfect and just enjoy the little bits of imperfect, everyday beauty.

Much of this realization dawned when I read The Nesting Place:it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful by Myquillyn Smith. I’ve wanted this book ever since it came out and my sweet husband gave it to me for our forth anniversary. I read it in about three days. It’s not just about decorating, its about creating a home. She wrote it with renters in mind but it is great for everyone!

So I spent the last week taking a few minutes here and there to decorate and I went around looking for pretty spots, even the ones that look lived in.


This is my “mantle” and the first time I’ve redecorated it. I found that vintage coin tray in the garage of our new house and had fun making a cute display with it. My “mantel” is an old tool box set up on a stool because I haven’t taken the time to add legs to make it a table. Talk about beautifully imperfect!

This is my little garden. It’s pretty up close but not perfect- perched on an old rickety cart and not all of the plants are potted.

I didn’t touch this bookshelf before taking the photo. I originally set up the books to kinda look nice but I’ve been stuffing and storing things on this shelf without much thought. And that poor clock still hasn’t found a wall.

Our kitchen has always been hard for me to decorate. It has to be functional and it doesn’t feel like there is much room for decorating without making it feel cluttered. But there is beauty in the details: lit candles, a cute mini whisk to stir my coffee in the morning,and a sign with one of my favorite hymns leaning against the wall.

The way the table never stays styled and collects things used to really bug me (and I still put the effort into clean it off and style it now and then) but now I see the pretty wood bowl, I’m  glad my Bible is there every morning so I don’t forget to open it, and I like seeing things on the table- it’s proof of life! We live and love in this home, so there’s going to be soda cans and pens and randoms things around.

IMG_1339 I’ll tidy up, but I won’t kill my self over it. I’ll decorate, but I won’t fuss over it.

Take a moment and look around your home. What do you love? What beauty can you find and make in the everyday? Share with me! 

{ I was not asked or given anything for this review.This post is purely my own thoughts.}


2 thoughts on “Making Here Home

  1. Ohhh I love your turquoise chairs!! ♥ And I’m inspired to go love on my spaces a little more… especially the kitchen. It’s the last room to ever get any style since ours is small too and a workhorse!

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