Come Tour our Little House!

We got the keys to our first house on Friday and spent Saturday celebrating by ripping out carpet, walls, and blackberry bushes. It will take a few months to get this cute little fixer-upper live-in ready and I’m excited to share the journey with you all! Later this week I will show you what we got done on demo day but first lets take a tour!


I’m excited to paint the house! We are thinking gray with white trim and red on the front and garage doors

Walking in the front door you see our pretty fireplace and a view into the dining room. There’s a lot of damage, gunk, and pee stained carpet.

The dining room has a nice view into the backyard and leads into the tiny kitchen.

Off the living room is the “hallway” leading to the two bedrooms and the tiny nasty bathroom.

The front bedroom will serve as our office/craft room. And yes, that beautiful wood floor is throughout most of the house!

Our master bedroom is actually the smaller of the two rooms but it has the bigger closet.

To get to the back yard you have to walk through the garage, which is attached to the house! (Not always the case for a 1940’s home.) I’m so excited to host people on our big patio and to get a puppy for our big backyard! The picture below only shows about half of the yard. The other half is separated by a chain link fence behind the garage and is all graveled and opens to the alley. Unfortunately that part is completely filled with 6-9 foot blackberry bushes. We’ve got our work cut out for us!

Follow me on Instagram and look for the hashtags #makinglifebeautfulblog and #TheLittleForrestHouse to see more photos of the house in progress!


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