Exciting Blessings

It’s been a hard but blessed year. It’s amazing to see how God leads us through the valleys. I hate having to go through the valleys,  the hard times, but they are necessary to get us from one good pasture to another. I’m so glad I have the Good Shepard to follow.

Blessing: moving back to Oregon

Valley: leaving a dream job

Blessing: seeing family everyday

Valley: the search for an apartment

Blessing: finding a job

Valley: the job was the most stressful and unhappy job I’ve had

Blessing: the amazing people I met and lessons I learned at that job

More blessings:

God’s timing is perfect! I interviewed for a nanny job last week and was offered the position with the same hours and pay that I am making now! I get to start caring for them in a couple of weeks!

More good news, we are buying a house! A tiny little place that needs a lot of love. I’m so excited to share the renovation with you after we close in a couple weeks!

Our Little House

3 thoughts on “Exciting Blessings

  1. Good Morning, Becca! It’s great reading your writings this morning just before getting that first cup of fresh coffee and getting Papa out the door for an audiology appointment. His hearing needs help, and we are so thankful to have that available through the VA, thanks to his service in Merchant Marine (aka Coast Guard) toward the end of WW II.God bless you and Jeff today and every day! We love you, Mimi and Papa Q.

  2. Oh Becca what a great perspective!!! I’m finding life is indeed one long road filled with mountain tops and valley lows. You’re never alone girl! ♥ So excited to hear about the next mountain/valley experience!! (You’re buying a fixer upper, so brace yourself!! lol) Seriously though, the house is simply the cutest thing EVER!! ♥ Praying for blessings over your homeowner journey! God is Good!

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