Inside the Criminal Mind

Not everyone will enjoy this read but I found it fascinating. Inside the Criminal Mind by Stanton E Samenow attempts to explain the thinking patterns of criminals and why they are that way and he does an excellent job.

My love for the TV show Criminal Minds prompted me to request this book from Maybe I should have gone to school to to be a psychologist because I love learning about how people think and how that influences their life decisions. As I said before, not everyone will find this book enjoyable but anyone could pick it up and understand it. Inside the Criminal Mind is well organized, informative, and easy to read. While I would put the reading level at about 12 grade, it isn’t for the paranoid personality or the weekend fantasy reader. For those intrigued by how the mind works and have been curious of what makes criminals tick I highly recommend this book.

I was given this book by in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own.


4 thoughts on “Inside the Criminal Mind

  1. This is awesome!! I found your blog through a comment on another blog’s DIY light box, and I’m so glad I did. I just signed up for and requested my first book. I’m a big Criminal Minds fan as well so I may request this one in the future as well 🙂

      1. Wow so sorry my comment never posted I guess!! 😦 haha I got the Allergy Friendly Garden book. Poppa Cheese has really bad allergies and we’re working on our garden currently, so hopefully it will be helpful!!

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