Monday Morning Mug: Baby Themed

Good morning friends! I’m settling in to my new job and enjoying having a 9-to-5-with-weekends schedule. Even though I am struggling to force myself to work out after work (see my goals in my last post) everyone in the office eats pretty healthy which is helpful.

Here are some baby themed finds from this last week  (I have some killer baby fever and I miss my nanny-babies something terrible.)


 Indiana looks to be first state with “Save Haven” boxes to save babies from abandonment. I’ve seen articles of similar boxes saving babies in Asia– it’s brilliant! 

In the last year a few of my dearest friends have suffered a miscarriage. I wish I had been there for them more. This blog post also delves into the issue of abortion and how it has hurt those mothers who want their babies but have miscarried. Please read. 

A Christian perspective on having children: Having Babies in Opposite World. Love this. 

Now, just to clarify, I am NOT pregnant. I want to be, I’m excited to be, but right now the timing isn’t quite right. We have been praying and waiting to know when the right time is. Until God tells us differently, or surprises us, our plan is to wait to have our first child after Jeff graduates from law school so that (hopefully) I can be a stay at home mom.

ca71d109cd4ad4960a484e25d91f684fHave a happy Monday y’all!


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