2015 goals

Most blogger write about their New Years resolutions or word of the year in the first week of January. Then there’s me… Un-motivated, stressed out, and indecisive.
I have made goals for this year and maybe it’s a good thing I’ve waited this long to share them with you – maybe it will inspire you to continue working on your own resolutions.
Here’s a page out of my journal:

1.) Read 20 books. Last year I read 18! Right now I’m not reading anything… But I have lots of choices on the shelf!
2.) Lose 15-20 pounds. I really struggle with eating healthy and correct portions and I’ve been “retired” from competitive track for long enough that I’ve lost all disabling of regular exercise. I’ve been fighting this get-healthy battle for a few years. I wrote a heart-revealing post last year called My Unhealthy Idolization of a Necessity.
3.) Find a job I love. God has blessed me with a job! I’m not sure I love it as much as I loved being a nanny or working at the library, but this job is paving the way for us to have the jobs we desire- Jeff: a lawyer. Me: a stay at home mom.
4.) Spend time with God everyday. I’ll be honest, this wouldn’t be a goal of I was good at it. I need God’s grace everyday. This week I’ve rarely sat down with the Word or prayed beyond “lord help me through this day.”
5.)One photoshoot a month. Photography is a creative outlet for me and a fun way for me to serve and get to know others. I had a Photoshoot yesterday with a sweet little group.

What are some things you are working on this year?


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