Fifty Shades of Life Long Love

Our wedding, July 23, 2011.
Our wedding, July 23, 2011.

I never read the book and I never plan to or to see the movie. Fifty Shades of Grey promotes unhealthy relationships and I don’t understand how so many women just feed into this lie- the lie that domination is sexy, the lie that just reading this book only affects you.  I love how Elizabeth puts it:

From what I’ve read, this book has sold more copies than the mega-selling Harry Potter series.
I wonder how many of the women who would say they are against human sex trafficking,
are actually contributing to the horrendous lie that feeds the whole industry,
the lie that women actually like being used and abused,
by buying this book or paying to watch this movie.
Ladies, we need to wake up and stand up!
Real love dignifies; it doesn’t degrade.
Real love makes you feel special, not shameful.
Will you join me as Valentine’s day approaches and speak up for real love,
and speak up against women being used and abused in the name of love?
Speak up in your home.
Speak up with your friends.
Speak up in your church.
Speak up on Facebook, IG, and your blog.
Just say NO to Fifty Shades of Grey and say yes to real love,
love that builds up and doesn’t bully.
I also love this article from Meg Meeker MD: A Psychiatrist’s Letter to Young People about 50 Shades of Grey. Please don’t buy into the lie that reading and watching this story is no big deal- there are real psychological issues here- real people have these problems and it isn’t healthy and it sure isn’t sexy.
Join us this Valentines Day and stand for real love.
Wedding Pictures!
Our Wedding, July 23, 2011
My Fifty Shades of Life Long Love:
  1. Flowers on the table, bought just because.
  2. Cooking his favorite meal- steak and potatoes- but over doing the meat and he eats it anyway.
  3. Him washing and rubbing my feet after a long stressful day month.
  4. How he knows exactly how many marshmallows I like in my hot coca (LOTS)
  5. How we saved our first kiss for our wedding day. No it wasn’t easy, but it was a blessing.
  6. Him letting me warm my frigid feet on his calves at night.
  7. How we can laugh together during intimacy.
  8. Serving each other in bed- sex is selfless, it’s not always about you.
  9.  Building a fort in the living room and watching old shows together.
  10. Watching LOL (a computer game- more like an e-sport) with him even though I know NOTHING about it.
  11. Waking up next to him every morning.
  12. Commitment- we take “til death do us part” seriously. There is such peace in that security.
  13. Building a fort and watching old shows all night, just because.
  14. Still going on dates– because I enjoy him and always want to know him better.
  15. Dropping everything to hold each other when crisis hits.
  16. Holding his hand at church, in the store, on the couch, etc.
  17. Dreaming about our future, and praying about it too.
  18. Slipping a love note in his text book.
  19. Forgiving and forgetting- love does not keep a record of wrongs.
  20. He is so patient with me.
  21. Supporting each other’s passions while still urging on money-making careers. For me it’s photography but I work in an office to help pay the bills.
  22. Spooning every night (unless it’s 100* out, Texas summers weren’t fun)
  23. How he takes care of the car because he is good at it and want to keep me safe.
  24. Picking out names for our future kids and pets.
  25. I love that I know him better than anyone else, and in ways no one else does.
  26. He brings me flowers and Starbucks on special occasions.
  27. Wearing his favorite outfit for no other reason than to see his eyes light up.
  28. Getting up early to make him breakfast before classes.
  29. He lets me decorate however I want.
  30. I ask for his input on decorating (sometimes) and really listen.
  31. Knowing that we have the best in mind for each other- so commenting that “that shirt doesn’t look good on you” is loving and not hurtful.
  32. Asking “What can I do for you today?” on a regular basis but especially when life gets stressful.
  33. Him letting me cry on his shoulder- even when he has no idea why I’m crying.
  34. Him trusting me enough to see his tears.
  35. Knowing he would do anything for me, and knowing I’d do anything for him.
  36. He knows me better than I do- but I still manage to surprise him now and again.
  37. Going for walks together
  38. or just sitting still and listening to his new favorite song – his eyes are closed, absorbed in the music, mine are open, soaking in his face.
  39. Forehead kisses, and cheek kisses, and all the kisses.
  40. Cleaning the litter box (me)  and taking out the trash (him)
  41. Making things nice for when he comes home,
  42. Singing and whistling
  43. Buying an extra bag of chocolate chips (so i can still make cookies after he we eat a bag)
  44. Trying new things with him because i know he wants to share it with me- like brussel sprouts and backpacking
  45. Walking through good and bad times together – sick, sad, poor – as well as the happy, care-free times.
  46. Pillow talk
  47. Him building me a fire and making me hot cocoa
  48. Buying him new wool socks
  49. Cooking together
  50. Knowing we will stay together through thick and thin because Jesus will fix our broken parts.

Want to hear more of our love story? Click here!

What are some of your shades of life long love? Comment below!

Just married! July 23, 2011.
Just married! July 23, 2011.

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