Monday Morning Mug

Hi guys. What a week. Or really, what a start for 2015! It’s been rough over here with the sudden move, mom’s surgery and two family funerals. I’m still on the job hunt (and I may have some leads on the housing front…) but man, is it good to be home in Oregon!  I love being so near to our families again and I’m even loving the rain- oh and don’t forget the coffee shops on every corner (Waco only had a scattered handful)!


I’ve been busy loving on family, writing and trying to promote my photography now that I’m in a new city. If you follow my Facebook page Rebecca Forrest Photography you’ll see that I have an AWESOME Welcome Home Special price right now! Go check it out! Check out my portfolio on my photography blog HERE!


Last week I wrote out some of my feelings and confusion over the death of our young cousin. He was an amazing young man and I wish I had known him better but I was blessed to be a part of his celebration of life.

Read more Here

Okay, here are some pretty things I found and LOVED this week! (links below gallery)

  1. Rock: Sweet Etsy shop. I love this rock, I may have to make one.
  2. I love this desk area. Crates, chair and maybe I could use my doily collection for the message board.
  3. Grace, oh how I need it.
  4. I’ve been looking for something small and cute to use my scrap yarn for… face scrubbies!
  5. I’m in love with this flower arrangement, and this site has such pretty decor!

Have a happy Monday my dears!



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