The Monday “Morning” Mug – Our Insane Moving Story

Hey y’all, I’m back!

So the last you all heard from me I was freaking out with joy and stress over our sudden opportunity to move home to Oregon. We made it! I’m sitting in my home town Starbucks, across the street from my childhood church, watching rain hit the pavement outside the window while I sip my peppermint hot cocoa. It feels so good to be back.

Packing insanity
Packing insanity

It was an insane week. We flew back from our Christmas break in Oregon on the 31 and pulled out less than a week later in our moving truck to head back to Oregon. Because of all the things that came with breaking our lease, leaving our jobs, and last minute transfer stuff we only really packed boxes for a day and a half. I don’t know what we would have done if our wonderful church family had not come over to help pack boxes, lift furniture and play tetris with our U-Haul.

We left Waco Texas at 7am on Thursday the 8th and drove for 16 hours before stopping at a hotel for the night. Then a 14 hour day and stopping with family in Boise Idaho. Then the “short” 9 hour day to land safely in Eugene Oregon. It was a lot of driving and I took a turn driving our huge U-Haul and towing our car so that Jeff could take a nap or two- girl power yo! ;p

Day 1
Day 1
Day 2
Day 2
Day 3
Day 3

Thank the Lord we had no issues packing or traveling! God has opened doors and provided mightily along the way! Not only did He allow Jeff to transfer to the UofO Law School sooner than we had hoped but He also blessed EVERYTHING that came with that! Our former apartment complex has already found someone to take over our lease AND who want to buy the washer and dryer we had the leave behind! Our bosses were kind and appreciative our last work days and made sure to tell us we had done good work, that we would be missed, but they wished us all the best. We have a place to live while we figure things out on this end- back and forth with our parents. Even our cat Watson was an amazing traveler! Not a single Meow or accident with her! She just sat on our laps and slept.

Just typing out this story of God’s goodness is bringing peace to my stressed out heart. He has provided mightily and will continue to blow our minds. He knows where I will work next and where we will live. He knows when we can start having kids and where Jeff will eventually have a career. God is good. *deep sigh of relief*

So I’m sitting here with my peppermint hot chocolate (it would have been a mocha but i’m feeling a little under the weather after the crazy week) switching our insurance, looking for work, and praising God for his merciful plan.


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