Monday Morning Mug

I had so many glorious plans for this month, decorating, crafts, blog posts, and I even had a giveaway planned. And then life was busy, I got stressed, and I’m pretty sure that giveaway wont happen since I have A LOT of Christmas present crafting left to do. My goal is to at least have a mini Christmas home tour up before the 25th. 🙂 But who knows! I’ve never worked full time and tried to keep a blog up and running at the same time!

Last week I was pretty grumpy and stressed. This week was way better! Plus it ended with Fun Christmas parties and free coffee over the weekend! This is my last week of work before I’m off for Christmas (yay for working at a school!) and I’m so ready to see my family in 7 days!


Two years ago I was more on top of Christmas time blogging and I did a 12 Days of Christmas series!

Here’s a fun (free printable) list of ideas to help you get out of a grumpy mood. I sure needed it a couple times this week.

Last week Pastor Jay BROUGHT THE WORD. 🙂 He talked about racism, Ferguson, and our hope in Christ. Guys, this was so good and so challenging, take a listen!!! “Hope in the Promise to Abraham, December 12th, 2014” 

Have you seen this site? This guy lived below two very silly girls and could hear everything they said. Then he began blogging the stuff he heard. THIS MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD!

Have a lovely Monday!ca71d109cd4ad4960a484e25d91f684f


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