Monday Morning Mug

It was a long week for me, so most likely I’m still asleep as this post is being published… random Becca fact: I talk in my sleep sometimes. One of the funnier times I was mumbling a lot and hubby turns and asks me what I was saying and I replied, “Kitten…on head…. grunt… I can’t brain…” That’s kinda what this week has been, I just can’t brain. I hope your Monday is going well and that you can “brain” today. ;p

Here are some fun things for your morning, nothing too deep because like I said, I can’t brain right now. (click highlighted link or picture to see article or original source)


How about some yummy ways to spice up your hot cocoa? Or your morning coffee (just add a couple espresso shots to these recipes!)

Just finished reading this book and I was surprisingly pleased with it’s quality! The author stayed true to the characters and no, he doesn’t kill off Mr. Darcy (phew!). 

If you love Christmas decor and have a weird desire to see the inside of everyone else’s homes then you will love this Christmas home tour blog hop as much as I did! Over 30 homes to tour! This links you to the main page so you can decide which ones you want to look at! Have fun!

I will try to get my Christmas home tour up before too long, as well as my advent calendar and printable! Of course that all depends on how nuts this week is! 🙂



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