First of all, let me say that my home is with my husband. I love him so much and we are our own little family- I will follow him where ever the Lord leads him. My husband is the best, a good leader, lover, friend and supporter of my dreams too.

That said, I’m incredibly home sick.

It’s something hubby and I were talking about this week as we made our Christmas visiting plans. We both have that longing for something we wont ever fully have again- the peace and thoughtlessness of childhood. As a child you go to sleep without the conscious knowledge that you are safe, not in charge and without any real cares (or at least that’s how it should be, I know some of you had a different childhood than me.) Now we are all grown up- I have a home, job, husband and pet to take care of and plan around. I long for that feeling of not being in charge, of having no real responsibility. And while going home for Christmas will lend to a sense of that former feeling, it won’t last… I love my life, it’s so full of blessings! I’m just really really really ready for a rest!

And I miss my family- like a physical ache when I think about them- and the closer our flight home gets the worse I get. I miss my daddy’s big hugs and late night talks on the couch. I miss laughing with my mom and kissing her soft cheek. I miss my baby sisters-wrestling with Rachel and shopping dates with Cherry– My big sister-ness wants to wrap them up and chase the worrisome world away.

I also miss Oregon– the climate, the mountains, and the smell of a pine tree-foggy morning.  . I miss driving into the forest where the world shrinks to the safety of bird song, glittering shafts of light and towering pine trunks.

Only only 16 days, 10 hours and 37 more minutes until our plane touches down in Oregon!




2 thoughts on “Homesickness

  1. Ahhh… girl, I know that weary feeling that comes from being a “grown up”!! My husband and friends have moments where we lament it often and we’re way past 30…! So sorry you are homesick!! Rest in God girl and know you aren’t the only one feeling this way! Throw yourself into the life you’re creating with your husband and include others in your new circle that may be feeling sad too– sometimes when we change our focus outward a little, it helps. ♥ God bless you Becca!

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