Monday Morning Mug

Good morning friends! How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was quiet and wonderful. We cooked a big feast just for ourselves and ate it in our PJs while watching Harry Potter. It was so relaxing, but we certainly missed seeing our families. It just didn’t make sense to fly home to Oregon for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, but there are only 23 days until we are home for the holidays!

Here are some lovely things I found this week! (Click pics or highlighted links)


You might have noticed we didn’t have the MMM last week because I was a part of a week long Thanksgiving blog hop! It was so much fun and truly a blessing to be a part of. I learned so much and was challenged to let thankfulness be a part of my everyday life instead of being constrained to one holiday. My contribution wrapped up the week of thanks and I linked back to all the other posts–I hope you go back and read them all!

Intentional Thanksgiving

This next article is so good- 10 Ways a Wife Can Influence Her Husband. Being a good wife isn’t about controlling our husband, but about supporting him and being on his team. When he fully feels supported and respected it’s easier for him to hear our advice and input. Whether or not you are married this is a great read!

I came up with this brilliant idea for making a Christmas Wish List- Pinterest of course! I made a Dear Santa, I’ve Been Good board to pass on to family (so they can get ideas without the awkward-on-the-spot “want do you want for Christmas” conversation). A couple of my family members caught on and made their own-making my shopping so much easier! I even made one for my husband, because he is really hard to shop for!

This is one of my favorite comics. I see them pop up on Pinterest all the time, they are just so cute and they make me happy! This one perfectly describes my impatience for Christmas: 

I’ve got an advent calendar free printable coming for you. I’m kicking myself for not having it ready yet! But it’s coming…

Happy Monday Y’all!



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