Thanksgiving & Gratitude

Today’s Thanksgiving blog hop post comes from Not The Fake PTP! Make sure you finish his article over on his site and leave some love (comments) for him!!!


I really do like WINTER; but as I look out my window on this mid-November day and see all the snow and realize it will be here for the next 5-6 months I can get a little down.  Like I said, I do like WINTER, just not this much.  So what’s a guy to do instead of getting cabin fever?


We can start with our thoughts!

Over the past several years I have learned a lot about the science behind our thoughts.  It’s been very intriguing and fascinating for me to study it out and do the research.  I’ve learned some extraordinary things about the brain and how it functions.  For instance, for years I struggled with a porn addiction that started in my teen years – this was a major sin issue in my life (my physical and thought life).  The Bible talks a lot about the physical and metal damage that can happen to a person involved with sin (read Romans 1).  Here’s what I think is really cool, there is now science that confirms what the Bible has taught for years.   I learned that there are 3 chemicals the brain produces during the engagement of deviant behavior and each chemical is extremely addictive.  WHOA!  No wonder pornography is such a huge issue for guys today and a secret sin for many (for more info and the science behind it consider Dr Mark Laaser’s work with Faithful and True Ministries)

Read the rest of this amazing post over at NotThFakePTP!

This week I’m participating in a Thanksgiving Blog Hop (or blogger collaboration) with 6 other fantastic bloggers! I hope you enjoy reading some new content here on Making Like Beautiful and stick around for my contribution on November 27th!

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