Autumn Apartment Tour!

Welcome to our little home! It’s cozy, imperfect, and, I hope, welcoming. I took lots of pictures for you, Come on in!

I use to kinda hate orange and yellow, I don’t know why, and avoided them in my fall decor. But this year I saw this bunting pattern on Pinterest, and then this pompom garland and fell in love. Thus yellow entered my fall color scheme. 🙂IMG_9834-2This is probably the most boring wall in the living room. It does offset the busyness of the bookpage wall though. I would like to add something more, maybe some black frames…  Did you notice I gave my DIY mounted antlers a face lift? Gold is a new fling for me and I also changed how the antlers were set, they are in a more realistic position now.

Just to the right of the TV is our coat closet and this little crate. On top of it is our Thankfulness jar where we put scraps of paper throughout the year with the many little things we are thankful for. On Thanksgiving we open the jar and read aloud all the blessings of the past year. In the black frame is a free printable you can find here.

The subway art next to the mirror show our life verses: Micah 6:8 and Psalm 37:5.


I moved the tall bookshelves from the office just for something new! I really like how it gave me a space to put up a “mantle” to decorate.



Our little table is set with a burlap runner, yarn pompom flowers, and art done by my mom. Also, there are mini pumpkins EVERYWHERE in the apartment. They are my favorite things to decorate with in the fall.

Just to the right of the table is the Cat Cabinet that also stores our mugs and some canned goods. I hand made that yarn bunting! It took forever, but it’s my new favorite thing to hang up in the Fall!

Right next to the Cat Cabinet is a little chair I pulled from the dumpster pile. Eventually it and it’s twin will need a fresh coat of paint but for now it hides the door to the litterbox and is a quick spot to put on shoes (when there aren’t pumpkins sitting there anyway). 😉

Eucharisteo means “to give thanks.” I’m going to have to write a post just about this powerful word! I’m reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and she talks about Eucharisteo changing the way she views life and how it has brought her joy.

The kitchen is a mess right now, so you only get snap shots of the cute stuff. :p The red shelf hangs next to the stove and hold all our spices and vitamins. Next to our fridge I added a little command center with our calendar, grocery list chalkboard and cleaning list (to help me remember what’s been done and when). My mom painted the sweet Bee that reminds me to be joyful everyday. The sunflower picture is a card from my Aunt Katie that she sent me back in freshman year of collage.

And here are some small details. I love this burlap pillow I made (its a small sack I just stuffed and sewed shut) and pumpkins are everywhere!

Have a lovely day! IMG_9852-2


6 thoughts on “Autumn Apartment Tour!

  1. Your creativity is wonderful and your apartment is lovely, as usual. 🙂
    I love the “Give Thanks” jar. I have an extra 1/2 gallon mason jar – I think we might have a new tradition!

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