Monday Morning Mug

MorningCoffeeWithYouSome of the bloggers I follow do a weekly round up of things they found interesting on the internet. I love reading those posts because it introduces me to new bloggers or websites I may have never found. So I hope you will like my take on this idea! Most roundups I’ve found are posted on the weekends, but I thought, why not have some nice things to read with your morning coffee to get your Monday started right?

I wish I could  have you over for coffee (and I’m super laid back so slippers and a cozy sweatshirt are fine) and chat about what we’ve been learning, share funny stories, and share life. Unfortunately this is the internet so it’s mostly one sided–me drinking my coffee and sharing things with y’all– but I’d love for this to be interactive, so please comment and share something from your week/weekend too!

Okay, do you have your coffee/tea? A cozy blanket? Nice. Let’s read together. (Click on pictures or highlighted links.)

This blog post by Gracelaced was exactly what I needed to hear this week.

How often do you read your Bible? If you’re like me, your readings are irregular, short and often you don’t take in much. This blog post hit at the heart of the issue. ❤

How about a tour of our Fall decor from last year. I promise this year’s tour is coming soon! A lot has changed!

If you are needing a good book to read, a book that will teach you to live fully but not in a step by step self help kinda way, you should pick up this book.

I’ve been slowly reading A Thousand Gifts at night and I love it. My family is going through some hard stuff right now and living fully in thankfulness and joy can be really hard-I totally relate to this author’s struggle.

And something funny to send you off with. This porcupine makes the CUTEST noises, it just got me laughing. And he is eating pumpkins so it’s fall themed!

I hope you have a beautiful Monday! Go make someone smile!


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Mug

    1. Sweet! Feel free to link up next Monday through the Comments on the Monday Morning Mug 🙂

      Yes! I was so skeptical when I first read the title, but a good title draws you in! I totally loved the bible post!

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