How To Feed the Husband

Meals are generally pretty simple around here.
Breakfast: cereal, oatmeal or an egg and toast. (When Jeff has a busy day ahead I usually try to make him breakfast and a sack lunch before he heads out the door)
Lunch: sandwich or leftovers from dinner the night before
Dinner: something quick and delicious

Dinner time is when I love to cook something good for me and the hubby. Spaghetti, pesto pasta and Brussels sprouts is a favorite, or hamburgers and sweet potato fries. Sometimes I’ll make some sort of Chinese food from scratch or we’ll throw together tacos.

But my new jobs have put a damper on cooking dinner. Most nights I get done at 8pm and on weekends I come home after midnight. I LOVE my jobs, don’t get me wrong, I have just had to adjust how and when I cook. I’m still working on exactly how but so far a good solution seems to be making meals ahead of time that are easy to pack up to take with me and leave for the hubby to heat up.

Last night after work I decided to make beef and barley soup and lasagna. Both are so easy and way tastier than a sack lunch sandwich.

Here are the recipes I used!

Easy Lasagna  from


Beef &Barley Soup from Better Homes and Gardens


Also, I’m a big believer in cute aprons. They keep me clean when I cook and they make me feel so “wife-ly” 😉 I love making my day more beautiful, even if it’s just putting on a pretty apron to do dishes. (sorry for the bad cell phone picture, this is one of my two aprons. Though I have a couple more posted on my Christmas wish list


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