Someday Kids

I’m at that stage of life where it seems everyone I know is having babies. My ultimate career goal is  to be a mother; I can hardly wait to have kids! I’m so full of joy for all of my expecting friends and so very ready to have my own. The plan is to wait until we are back in Oregon and Jeff is close or done with law school. It’s hard to wait but until then I can dream and plan! Here are some of my ideas and my “baby style.”

1. Wood Oregon Baby Rattle. I want more wood toys and fewer “entertainment” toys. I want my kids to play and imagine and not just watch and be entertained. 2. Bapron  These are the best! My nanny kids used them and it was awesome because they couldn’t wiggle or pull them off so their clothes stayed cleaner. 3. Simple and classic photography    like this.  4. Love TOMS shoes for the whole family.  5. This little boy is stylin’  6. Love her style.  7.The perfect girl’s nursery. 8. Love this for a woodsy boys nursery.  9. Wooden Camera just like mommy. 10. This diaper bag please.


4 thoughts on “Someday Kids

    1. Isn’t it great?! I learned to love photography from my mom and I think it’d be so cute to see a little one toddling around pretending to take pictures. Good for their imagination and creativity too!

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