I <3 Naps

Can you believe October is almost over? I haven’t been perfect in my 31 Day blogging challenge this year but it certainly has stretched me!

Here’s a random fact about me for today:

I LOVE naps. Actually, I just love sleep. I need 9 hours to feel 100% but I’ll survive on 7, but anything less I get really grumpy and I just don’t function. My hubby can attest to this.

My ideal day would be getting up at 7am so I can workout, eat a good breakfast and read my Bible before the day’s activities. Then I’d be in bed by 10pm. I work late on the weekends  and thankfully I can sleep in on Mondays .

I don’t know what I’ll do when I have kids. God will have to bless me with more energy to get me through the night feedings. :p



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