If you were to just knock on my door, you would usually find me in my “wife grunge.” I dubbed my at home wardrobe this after being a nanny for a year and pretty much living in running shorts or yoga pants with big comfy sweatshirts. My poor hubby only saw me in “nice” clothes on Sundays for the few hours we were at church. My new jobs at the library and office require a different “uniform” and my hubby teasingly commented on how he liked my new job for the new look.

I like it too. It’s fun to put together outfits with the clothes I have been neglecting and buying some new work staples (like new shoes and slacks).My most recent purchase was this fantastic yellow cardigan from Target. I’ve been searching for just the right one for a long time! Yay! (Here’s the exact cardi on Also, I love that my new jobs are business casual. I can wear jeans and blouses most days! I have yet to find a perfectly comfortable pair of slacks, maybe they don’t exist, so I’m glad I can wear my dressy jeans when I’m not wearing a skirt.

Here are a couple more of my work outfits. Ignore the messy rooms and imperfect pictures, I usually snap a picture before running out the door. I save these pics in a “outfit” folder in my phone (for those days when I have  I feel like I have nothing to wear) so I have a quick reference of outfits I’ve liked in the past.

Most of my clothes come from secondhand shops, like Platos Closet and the Goodwill. For example, the black polka dot Ann Taylor blouse I got for $6 at Platos Closet and the Old Navy Pointy toe flats (in green shirt pic) I found for $5 at the Goodwill.  I really try to find an item I want (like the yellow cardi) at a second hand store or on clearance before I spend retail price on it. The yellow cardigan was the last clothing item I’ve bought at full price, but I even waited for my new running shoes to go on clearance on the Nike website (I didn’t get my first choice in color, but I LOVE turquoise so saving money won all around!)

So, if I’m not shopping secondhand, where do I shop for clothes? Old Navy is my go-to for basic staples, like jeans and tanks (and I’ve got my eye out for their black pointy toe flats), But I still (usually) wait for one of their major sales.

Maurices is a family favorite. Christmas always means an outfit  and maybe a gift card there. Sometimes their style is too bohemian for me but I can usually find cute work clothes that fit well.

And of course I shop at Target. I can always find something I want, clothes and otherwise. 🙂

As I mentioned before, I like to use Polyvore to create outfit idea boards. I find something I have, a gray maxi skirt for example, and try to make outfits for it  using their phone app.

Creating outfits on Polyvore with what I already own, and somethings I want, helps me make better use of my closet and find the “holes” in my wardrobe I’d like to eventually fill. I also use Pinterest to store fashion ideas.


Baylor Bears, Game Day Casual Work Wear


Texas is all about their football teams, and since I work every Saturday at the Baylor Library I have to get into the spirit!

Here is my Wardrobe Wishlist:


Ruby Red Fall


If you’d like seeing what I’m wearing I occasionally post wardrobe pics on my Instagram and you can follow me on Polyvore and Pinterest too!

2 thoughts on “Stylin’

  1. Wife grunge!! haha!! Love this! Love that mustard cardigan too! Off to find you on instagram! I love seeing how others are styling and great idea on the outfit reference pics! : )

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