Decorating Style

I’ve written about books a lot this month, and I think I have one more book post in me, but before you get the wrong idea- I DO have OTHER hobbies. I love to craft and crochet (especially while watching my favorite TV show. Right now it’s NCIS), I love hiking and being outside, photography, and I love to decorate.


Last year I themed my 31 Days Challenge Decorating Dilemmas where I addressed some of the problems that come with renting and living in a small space. Today I’m going share my decorating style with you again because it has slowly evolved and looks a little different now.

One of the first places I like to tell people to start when they decorate their homes is to write down what you want that room/home to be. Not just colors or themes, but purpose and feeling too. I organize my list in to yes and no guide words. Last year this is what my list looked like:

My “yes” words:

Comfortable, welcoming, bright (not necessarily colorfully bright), restful, organized, natural, safe, clean, purposeful, beautiful, put together, something sparkly in (almost) every room, a touch of industrial

My “no” words:

animal print, neon colors, sharp corners/pointy objects (i like more rounded shapes, they look more comfortable), black, formal, modern, cluttered


I think I’d fit myself into the “cottage” style, (Better Homes and Gardens has a nifty little quiz you can take to narrow it down) but I do like to throw a little industrial and glam here and there. Here are my decorating guide words now:

“Yes” words:

blues, whites, some gold and black here and there, comfortable, welcoming, bright (light), restful, organized, safe clean, purposeful, put together, some sparkle (how I’d live a crystal chandelier!), touch of industrial, cozy, Cottage, baskets, neutral base colors, lots of handcrafted and vintage things to bring some more meaning, pictures

“No” Words:

animal print, neon, formal, cluttered, too many “sharp” objects, modern (sharp lines and bright colors)

One of the more recent pictures of our living room.
One of the more recent pictures of our living room. We really need an area rug to make this space feel finished.

This weekend I have some reorganizing to do and some decorating to finish up. I’m hoping to do some fall/Thanksgiving themed posts next month where I will finally give you a Fall Home Tour.

Last Year's Thanksgiving table Decor
Last Year’s Thanksgiving table Decor

2 thoughts on “Decorating Style

  1. Love love love your key word idea! But I’ll have to try harder to bring you over to the animal print side… not even just a smidge of zebra somewhere??? haha! At least you know what you like! You go girl! Living room is looking good! : )

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